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  1. The point I'm trying to make is that it's unfair of my professor to suddenly just drop the test that I missed instead of allowing me to retake it due to the circumstance that I had. Since the exam that I did not sit for is dropped because I missed it, that will be my dropped grade which was no where mentioned on the given syllabus that if someone misses an exam, that will suddenly become their dropped exam. So now, my lowest taken exam grade is counted in and that pulls my grade down immensely.
  2. My professor said he was going to drop the lowest exam grade which I thought was pretty good since I messed up on one exam. However come to find out, when I came to class, he will not be dropping my lowest exam grade anymore but instead dropping the exam that I missed when I was hospitalized (isn't a 0 but in perspective sounds likes one) which is pretty much harming me because now my lowest exam grade is counted in. The difference in dropping the missed exam and ACTUALLY dropping the lowest exam grade that I did sit for and take makes a HUGE difference in my standing grade.
  3. Hey guys, what's up. Got an issue here I've been trying to get advice on.... I'm taking a 1 credit lab course and I'm borderline between an F and D right now. My lowest exam grade in lab was going to be dropped and that would've put me in a MUCH better standing place than right now. However because of personal reasons, I was admitted to the hospital on a day where I had an exam and I was unable to go sit for the exam. When I was ready to come back to class, my professor states that because I missed the exam even though I gave him my hospital letter, suddenly my missed exam will be my dropped exam which pretty means my missed exam is equivalent to a 0. I am way past the withdrawal date and I'm standing at an A in the lecture portion of this course. Any ideas on what I should do? Should I try asking for an incomplete (though I'm not quite sure how incomplete goes) I heard that if you don't attend the final, then you would automatically be given an incomplete. Any suggestions please?!
  4. What's up guys! I'm confused as to which cycle I should be applying to for CASPA. But before that, here's a little background info on me Cumulative GPA: 3.9 Cumulative sGPA: 3.7 Volunteer Hours: 300 hours PT Technician: 800 hours Research Assistant: 300 hours I'm going to be a 3rd year in undergrad once Fall rolls around of 2018, and I'm hoping to attend PA school in the Fall of 2020. Any thoughts on which cycle I should be applying for?
  5. From your experience, other than the typical EMT, MA, CNA, are there any other PCE jobs that one would do to make them ultimately stand out? I feel as if now a days every person going in to PA is either a EMT, CNA, or MA, which doesn't seem to make an applicant immediately notified in my opinion, because everyone's doing it. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. Hey y'all! Got a minor question for you guys. Does working as a receptionist as a doctor's clinic count as Health Care Experience? I haven't had much luck working at a hospital or even volunteering. I've applied 3 months ago but so far, heard nothing back. I recently received an opportunity to work as a receptionist at a doctor's clinic and wondered if it was worth the time, especially for PA school? Any thoughts/opinions on this?.Thank you!
  7. May I know some of your stats? A lot of PA's have been telling me not to transfer and to not accumulate so many transcripts because PA school will look at it as if you're incapable, so I would think there must be a really good reason why a student transferred so many times.
  8. That's amazing! May I ask what kind of extracurricular activities did you do and work experience did you have? Would it also be too much to ask you what school did you get accepted to?
  9. I would say you would have enough health care hours if you worked as a EMT for a year to apply for CASPA to most schools, though I'm not sure if that solely would be enough HCE. I've had a lot of friends that's been rejected from PA school due to only accomplishing EMT work and hours as their only HCE and they had fantastic grades. However, I personally don't think it would be enough, but maybe some ADCOM's here can answer your questions better than I can.
  10. Hey guys! Got a question that's a bit controversial.. anyone thinks transferring school while still in undergraduate two times is enough to say "I can't handle this school so I'm just gonna leave and bounce on to another school." Though, initially, it may come off to some that I can't handle undergraduate which is probably why I decided to transfer again and again. So here's a little backstory, I spent my freshmen year at a private university and I was extremely unhappy with what I was learning and doing. Not to mention, I was a total freshmen "noobie" at the college life so I would procrastinate and push back all of my studies, and assumed that college was going to be just like high school where I could cram everything in the day before the test and still get an A. Well I was totally wrong and I spent my freshmen year suffering because of my actions with an overall 2.0 GPA. So I decided to transfer to a local College to "redeem" myself and I eventually received an overall 3.8 GPA. By the way, I didn't just take "easy courses" to improve my GPA fyi, I learned from my mistakes as a freshmen and I incorporated a completely different lifestyle, if you will, because of that high school-college transition. I take nothing I learn and do in college for granted because I've learned from my freshmen year that college is no joke and I'm really glad that I got that life lesson. Though, after obtaining a 3.8 GPA.. I'm looking to transfer again. I applied as a transfer student at a University that's known for its sciences. Pretty much, all pre-med, pre-pa, pre-dental, nursing, etc student goes there, and well I got accepted (yay)! But I don't know if its worth going to because I transferred so much that when I do apply for PA school, they're probably going to look at me and say I couldn't handle undergraduate or I'm not loyal or faithful to where I was. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!
  11. The main reason I get rejected is because of the lack of experience. Though, I have applied to become a Pharm Tech to receive some experience and was set on receiving the basic and proper training, the schedule I received didn't align with my school schedule, so I unfortunately had to reject the offer.
  12. I'm trying to gather other people's opinion on my chances on getting into PA school. Mind you, I am not done with my Undergraduate studies yet. I currently hold an overall 3.8 GPA, however I do not have any medical experience what so ever. I have been trying all my hardest to obtain one, but I always end up getting rejected at hospitals, clinics, and even at pharmacies. (Any advice on that?) Although my overall GPA seems great, my basis science courses, not so much: General Biology I : C General Biology II : B- General Chemistry II : C Anatomy & Physiology I : B+ My science grades are lacking, very badly, and I do intend to retake all of them for a better grade, though some have advised me not to. What are your thoughts on this? Also, what are your thoughts on my CURRENT status on getting into PA school? Where do you think I would stand?Thanks in advance!
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