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  1. I applied last cycle and received 0 interviews from the 4 schools I applied to. I continued working full time as a patient care technician and shadowed a PA for 100 hours. This year I applied to 16 schools, received 10 interviews, and been accepted to 2 so far! (shouldn't have applied to so many, but I was determined to get in this cycle). Improve your application and get some interview prep books and do some mock interviews for next cycle! If you want to go to those programs, I would definitely reapply! It shows you are dedicated and very interested in them. It is very common to not get in the first time.
  2. I received a call from admissions this morning offering me a seat in the program, but I declined due to being accepted to a program closer to home! Best of luck to those waiting!
  3. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to hear back from them if you weren't one of the few early acceptances the week of the interview?
  4. I took the Medical Terminology 1 online at San Jac last summer! I liked it, got an A!
  5. Submitted 6/20, verified 6/27, and MyStar access 7/3
  6. Just received an interview invite for October 29!!! Under review 08/30
  7. Received an email on 7/13 that I moved onto the next round of screening and received an email yesterday (9/17) inviting me to interview 11/6!!
  8. Hi I'm a Texas applicant too! I looked at the forums from the past two years and looks like the school emails people with interviews in November!
  9. Does anyone know what the interview style is? I've looked on the website and last year's forum and can't find any information!
  10. Thank you! Yes, girl, don't worry! This is just their first interview session, still lots more opportunities for an interview! Yes this is my first time applying to QU, but my second time applying to PA schools. My stats are: cGPA- 3.8, sGPA-3.8, PCE- 2,500 as a PCT, 100 PA shadowing hours, ~300 volunteer hours
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