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  1. I took orgo II with a lab component. It was a lot of work, but I appreciated the video lecture component. It's absolutely doable if you put the time in and yeah, I would say it was a big time-suck with working full time. Biggest suggestion is just to get ahead if you can, I found that easier than doing little bits every day, but everyone is different of course. Got an A in the course and actually really learned a lot. Labs were tedious, but that was expected.
  2. Did you end up taking this course? Looking into genetics at Metropolitan Community and came across this thread. Couldn't even find the online genetics class information on their website for USC.
  3. Hi all! I'm a post-grad new to Memphis and looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Memphis/Germantown/Collierville or even Mississippi area. I spent the last year working as an MA in derm and wound care, and currently have a flexible schedule! If you know anyone or might be interested, my email is: elbstuff@gmail.com, thank you!
  4. The assignments are online and worksheets that you can print out. It's not too difficult thus far, but I will say that there's no lecture component and you'll spend a lot of time teaching yourself. I think that's true of any online course though, the difference with this class being that the way you are graded gives you room for improvement/learning and doing well. It's really not been that difficult, just fast paced. I'd say 7 or 8/10 with 10 being easiest, but I'm only in the third(?) week.
  5. That's a huge relief! Thanks for all the feedback, it's been immensely helpful!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Well structured sounds nice...far better than what UNE sounds like! Would you say it'd be extremely difficult without having a fresh o-chem knowledge base? That's really my only concern, it's been so long since I took orgo
  7. tbgardner, do you want a virtual study-buddy? Lol. Might be nice to be connected to someone also taking it!
  8. Has anyone here taken any pre-req classes online through Doane University? Wondering about biochem, but haven't found much about it online. Also wondering if Doane's course is doable course for someone who hasn't taken orgo since 2015.
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