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  1. I'm on the same boat as well! I only have one school that I would choose above JMU atm but I doubt I'll hear back from them anyway. Hopefully others will get in from us declining our interviews.
  2. Congrats to you too! I wonder how many people got accepted from our interview date. Are you going to any other interviews or are you set on JMU?
  3. Interviewed Friday 10/5 and got my acceptance email Tuesday 10/10. Can't wait to start!
  4. I had a friend who did the cold call Linkedin messages and got no luck. I thought about MDAPA before but I ran into the same issue as you. I found other state's PA associations to more organized so I don't know if it's worth joining the MDAPA. Hopefully if anyone are part of MDAPA, maybe they can let us know where to go/do to get contacts.
  5. Unfortunately not. It's difficult for me to try the cold approach of going into offices asking for PAs due to my work schedule as well. Rough times.
  6. Hello everyone! I am a pre-PA student that finished college already. I live in Prince George's County, MD and work as a medical assistant in Howard county, MD as a Medical Assistant. I'm looking for opportunities to shadow a PA in Maryland/DC. If anyone knows a PA nearby or if a PA is available for shadowing, please contact me at shen351@gmail.com. Thank you, Shen
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