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  1. I also received my supplemental in January. Maybe check your spam/junk folder. Otherwise I would call the school TODAY
  2. I interviewed November 5th and I received the acceptance call the next day. I have just declined my spot at this program because I have been accepted into another program. I loved Creighton environment, so for those attending this program, congrats!
  3. I also received notification of early acceptance on November 20th, my interview date was October 22nd.
  4. Hi everyone! I have interviewed on the 22nd. However, the school specifically asked us NOT TO discuss our interview process with other applicants. The said that “it would only hurt us as applicants as well as the school”. My best advice is that enjoy the day, I loved the tour and the staff was very friendly! Good luck everyone! I’m sure we all deserve to be accepted.
  5. Hi everyone, Congrats for receiveing an invite today. Those who didn’t receive an invite today, don’t get discourage, keep working towards your goal! I’m interviewing on October 22nd, PM session. Can’t wait! I’m beyond excited and grateful.
  6. I’m not sure. I think I’m prepare for a rejection email too, just in case. ? it’s going to be hard though.
  7. How many times have you checked your email today? TODAY IS THE DAY GUYS, finally! ? best of luck everyone!!
  8. Got that email too. I can’t wait to receive the next one! Best of luck everyone.
  9. I received an email last Friday stating that my application is complete but that’s all, and they will send interview invites between October and December ?.
  10. Me neither. Is anyone else checking their email every five minutes? Or is it just me? ?
  11. I have received an interview invite as well. I will be there on November 5th and I am soooo excited!
  12. I just applied last week. Im so excited and super nervous. Has anyone heard anything from them yet?
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