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  1. I know this is a year old, but did either of you end up with rotations in Maryland? I'm trying to do a rotation back home!
  2. Hi! I am in a PA program in Florida but am from Maryland. I am trying to find a rotation in really anything other than Internal medicine back home. Does anyone have a contact I can call? Specifically i'd love it to be neuro but i'll take anything. Thanks! Elizabeth
  3. Hi guys! I got accepted last October and am very excited to start! I am very much looking for roommates so hit me up! My ig is :@ebethms
  4. I have been accepted since the first round of interviews and you hear nothing after the background check except that you should have access to the MyBarry login saying you've been provisionally accepted.
  5. Hi guys! I got accepted last October from the first set of interviews. I'll be coming from DC. The waiting is killing me.
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