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  1. Well first of all you shouldn't worry about facing your family, because just getting into PA school is an accomplishment. PA school is hard, the material is hard, and thats because its worth it. When I was probably around your age I got hired at the fire department with several other individuals. I by far struggled the most and for 1 year I felt like I was going to be fired every single day while watching most of my colleagues do great. But I didn't give up, I sought out as much advice as I could from other members of the fire department and ultimately succeeded. You can do it and you will make it. If I were you I would try to speak with professors and other classmates about best practices and what they are doing to retain and absorb the material. You may need to change everything about how you are studying in order to be successful. But don't give up and don't let yourself be "stressedanddepressed"!
  2. Im starting PA school in August and fully intend to keep my Paramedic license valid.
  3. You could always do something like take an EMT course at your local cc. They are usually between 8-12 credits and it is calculated by CASPA into your science GPA. This would not only boost your science GPA but it would give you a certification and EMT is probably less rigourous comapred to patho and biochem.
  4. Thank you for your responses. I appreciate it
  5. I am curious for those of you who have been working as PA’s for many years, if the quality of graduates is meeting your expectations. I have noticed from scrolling through the “accepted students thread” that a large majority of accepted students have far less experience in healthcare compared to many years ago. Is this impacting competency post-graduation?
  6. It’s something medical schools applicants do. It’s not so much used in the PA world. But you could do it, some schools may take it into consideration.
  7. Keep in mind that after you have applied to 12 schools your chances of acceptance do not statistically increase when above that number. Students who apply to 17 schools stand the same chance of acceptance as someone who has applied to 12. PAEA has done research on this and found that 8-12 schools is the most appropriate number to apply to, regardless of your stats. Applying and everything that goes along with it is expensive. So consider than that when thinking about applying. What is most important is to find schools that you are a good fit for application wise. This will increase your chances more than spreading your application all over. Good luck to you all!
  8. I think this post would be better off in the professional PA group section. The majority of those perusing this area are not PA's yet.
  9. The exam is going to be implemented in May 2020 for schools to elect to use in their admissions decisions. I would imagine that all 36 schools that were part of the pilot study will be using it as well as many more. Some will likely give you the option of the PA-CAT or the GRE for the next year, and some programs may choose not to use it at all. The exam itself covers multiple subjects: A&P, Bio, Psychology, Chemistry, Biochem, Sociology, Genetics, and statistics. The exam I took was 200 questions, however, I heard the final exam will be 180. Not sure which is for sure.
  10. Don’t be discouraged, I had multiple F’s and F’s on my transcript from when I was 18-20ish. Some in prereqs too! I came back as an older more mature student and crushed my courses. I took just about 70 credit hours and scored a 3.98 GPA. I was accepted to PA school my first cycle. I did have significant PCE though. My cGPA was a 3.04 and my sGPA was a 3.44
  11. I was accepted with f’s, but they were all 6 years or more from the time I applied. So it can be done, but you’ll need to crush your remaining coursework. I maintained a 4.0 in my last 70 credit hours which included all pa school prereqs
  12. I honestly think if you had broadened the amount of schools you applied to you would have been accepted. Are you oppose to moving out of Florida? If so, why didn’t you apply to all FL schools?
  13. Like you said you need more PCE which it sounds like you’re doing. Be sure your LOR’s are quality letters, not just a generic letter. Your science GPA could use some help. Also, a commonly overlooked item is making sure you have a stellar PS.
  14. I don’t believe there are any programs that solely utilize prerequisite GPA. The majority of schools use combinations of science GPA with cumulative GPA or cumulative GPA and prerequisite GPA. There are a handful of programs that will use your last 40-60 credit hours to calculate your GPA as oppose to your entire academic record.
  15. I am also a paramedic and I will be matriculating into a PA program in August. I don’t know of any PA schools that put an “emphasis” on any speciality of medicine. However, some programs may have great opportunities for rotation sites and elective rotations. EM is a required rotation for PA school and many PA’s practice in EM. As far as additional training to participate as a medical director, these will most likely vary by state. I don’t believe that wanting to practice in any particular speciality would matter much to a program, unless it’s a program who has a mission to produce primary care clinicians in underserved or rural settings. I think as you do further research into the PA world you’ll find that the sky is the limit in regard to what you can do. Hopefully some of my answers are helpful. Best of luck..
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