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  1. Gannon University - Ruskin, FL From developing to provisional http://www.gannon.edu/Academic-Offerings/Health-Professions-and-Sciences/Graduate/Master-of-Physician-Assistant-Science/
  2. I have officially applied to PA school! It felt long a long time coming when I first started posting in this forum. But I wanted to say thanks to all of you who gave me advice/direction/encouragement. Definitely helped get me going in the right direction. Good luck to all the other applicants this cycle.
  3. Thanks for doing it, I appreciate it.
  4. University of Tampa - Tampa Fl From developing to provisional accreditation https://www.ut.edu/physicianassistant/
  5. Hi, You sound to be in a similar boat as I was 1.5 years ago. I have a BBA as well and I have been a paramedic for 7 years, so I also had the PCE covered. I was able to take lots of my lecture classes online and do the labs in person. I took General chemistry, A&P , General Biology, Microbiology, Genetics and Medical Terminology all online and in person labs. The only class I took in person was Organic Chemistry 1 and I found an online Biochemistry class through Doane University. Some programs allow online labs, but I have found that it can be somewhat limiting when it comes time to apply. I personally think you can complete the prereqs much quicker than 2.5 years. Message me if you have any questions. I took the majority of my classes through my local state college that used to be a CC.
  6. I’ve never interviewed for a PA program. But I have been interviewed for multiple jobs and consider interviewing to be one of my strong suits. I’ve sat on hiring boards and interview panels. My best advice to you would be to do your research about the program (I.e what you like about the program, what sets them apart) things of that nature. Additionally, I would echo @UGoLong in the sense of trying to relax a bit. Being nervous is normal and you should be nervous. Just not to the point that you can’t function. Be honest and specific when answering questions, relating them back to you and your experiences. Good luck! You’ll do fine.
  7. Is it considered late to submit an application in the beginning of August to schools with December/January deadlines?
  8. 1) I don't want to study for and or take the MCAT to go to med school 2) I don't want to be required to attend school again to become some other type of NP or MD/DO 3) The large majority of Physician's I've spoke to would much rather work with a PA than NP. Reasoning is that NP's knowledge base is completely inconsistent compared to PA grads right out of school
  9. If you are equally "passionate" about both, I would choose the cheaper option. Also, I would confirm that the BAS is equivalent to a regular B.A. or B.S. - I would imagine that as long as the college that awards the degree is regionally accredited you shouldn't have any issues.
  10. Yes that is the series I have. Thank you for the advice, I will include them.
  11. I have several incident command system courses that I’ve taken through FEMA that resulted in course completion certificates. Should I list all of these under my certifications in CASPA?
  12. If a school uses CASPA they will take the cGPA from and the sGPA from CASPA. It will be broken down into other categories as well (ex. biology, organic chemistry, BCP). Due to the fact that your overall GPA is so low I would advise you to find programs that will take your Graduate program GPA over your undergrad. This would benefit you greatly as they would use that as your cGPA over using the 2.4. You will have to research all of the programs to find the ones that will allow this. Due to the large number of applicants 99% of schools will not recalculate your GPA, they take the CASPA calculated one. Most schools have a cut off of 3.0 overall GPA.
  13. I finish Genetics in August and will be doing biochem with Doane in august as well.
  14. Just curious as to how much hands-on clinical experience you truly get during rotations. Are the other providers hesitant to let you perform procedures or do you feel that they are open to it? Thanks
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