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  1. If a school uses CASPA they will take the cGPA from and the sGPA from CASPA. It will be broken down into other categories as well (ex. biology, organic chemistry, BCP). Due to the fact that your overall GPA is so low I would advise you to find programs that will take your Graduate program GPA over your undergrad. This would benefit you greatly as they would use that as your cGPA over using the 2.4. You will have to research all of the programs to find the ones that will allow this. Due to the large number of applicants 99% of schools will not recalculate your GPA, they take the CASPA calculated one. Most schools have a cut off of 3.0 overall GPA.
  2. I finish Genetics in August and will be doing biochem with Doane in august as well.
  3. Just curious as to how much hands-on clinical experience you truly get during rotations. Are the other providers hesitant to let you perform procedures or do you feel that they are open to it? Thanks
  4. I will have biochem and genetics outstanding when I apply.
  5. I would just add to make sure you complete all coursework at a regionally accredited institution. The fire/ems service likes to parade around the word "accredited" but not all accreditation is created equal. Good luck!
  6. I would personally advise against going to Paramedic school. You're going to spend money on the program, then take two years between completeing it and gaining experience. You look like a great medical school candidate. If I were you I'd go to med school
  7. I am trying to do my best to most accurately report the amount of PCE and HCE hours I have. I have worked as a Paramedic for 6+ years and have had lots of direct patient contact. I work for a busy fire department averaging 16 calls per shift. I'm just unsure as to how to separate the PCE hours from HCE. If there are any other Paramedics who have applied through CASPA I would love to hear your input. I was originally considering listing my time on the job completely as PCE but didn't know if that is the normal way of going about it.
  8. I am applying this cycle. My cGPA will be a 3.04 and my sGPA will be a 3.4. I have seen people in this forum who have been accepted with lower GPA's. There is a lot more to it than whether they were accepted or not though. For example, they generally had a high level of HCE and a lot of hours (over 5000), great LOR's, and high volunteer hours and good GRE scores. Additionally they had a strong upward trend in their recent coursework. I would say if the rest of your app is not very strong you should bring up your GPA while strengthening other areas of your application and apply next year. If money is not scarce then sure you could apply to a few programs this year and see what happens.
  9. If you all don't mind me asking, for those who were accepted, what were your stats for HCE and GPA?
  10. I need some advice in regard to when the best time for me to submit my application is. I am applying to several schools this cycle and about half of them are rolling admissions. My GPA's are on the low end and I am wondering if it is more benefical to apply as early as possible meaning like the next 3 weeks or if I should wait until my classes are finished at the end ofJune to raise my GPA. My GPA without the summer courses will be about a 3.03 cgpa and a 3.37 sgpa. I have over 14,000 hours of strong PCE as a medic and over 500 hours of volunteering. If I waited until my summer courses were done my cgpa would be a 3.07 and my sgpa a 3.41 (assuming I continue to get A's) . In addition one of the classes for the summer is Orgo1 which I feel like schools will want to see I got a good grade in. What's more important, the GPA change or applying early? I'm confident in my ability to get good grades this summer, my last 60 hours GPA is a 3.92.
  11. That's good to know. I think it's crazy that you can go from having 500 hours of medical experience to possibly be performing high level medical procedures after a single year of hands on experience in PA school. I know it took me 2+ years to feel comfortable and confident doing medical procedures.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your hardships and I am not a professional in the PA world. But I've failed many classes, I've never failed the same class twice and I am applying this cycle. However, I would say that if you took chem 2 again, achieved an A and then went on to do very well in classes like Orgo, Biochem, Genetics, etc and other higher level science classes that you could prove you are able to succeed in high level material. Will it be a hurdle to jump over? Yes absolutely, but you aren't the first person to pursue PA school having failed classes. I do want to give you some advice. If you are not ready mentally to take these classes or any classes for that matter, stop taking them. Take a semester off, evaluate where you are, what you want to be and how you can get there. The worst thing you can do is force yourself to take classe when you aren't ready and then fail more. Good luck.
  13. Do I need to submit official transcripts for in-progress courses? For example, I am taking 2 classes at a college that I have never attended before, but I will be submitting my application prior to finishing these classes. Do I need a transcript to show that they are in progress? Thank you.
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