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  1. Did any of you who were accepted/interviewed have a pending prerequisite?
  2. Good question, I was wondering the same. I guess we would have to call to find out.
  3. I received an interview invite today for 10/1.
  4. I believe they are non-rolling admissions, the deadline just closed on 9/1.
  5. Last 60 = 3.98 pre req gpa = 3.55 pce= 14k hours as a paramedic leadership= 2k hours volunteer= 1k hours
  6. They offered open houses. I also went to a prepa conference
  7. No, just an email that I’ve been verified
  8. Mine wasn’t either. But I received a transcript with a letter grade and credit hours and it counted.
  9. I’ve visited the program twice and met several of the directors. The facility is state of the art and faculty seem like really great people. Also, I already live in Florida and would really prefer not to move out of state if I can help it.
  10. Did you included your transcripts from emt into caspa? Most emt programs are 12 credits toward cGPA and sGPA. My EMT and Paramedic credits raised my sGPA significantly.
  11. I know its late in the cycle but I finally submitted to Campbell a few days ago. I was wondering if anyone with similar stats to mine has received an interview. I will be using the last 60 hrs calculation because my overall is under 3.2. I have a 3.97 last 60hrs GPA which includes almost all prereqs except A&P 1 and Stats, I took them prior. I have 14,000+ hours of PCE as a Lead paramedic, over 1,000 volunteer hours. A's in all prereqs (including genetics) except a B in stats. Hoping its not too late!
  12. I was verified on July 11th and my casper scores were received on 7/30. I haven't heard anything from the program.
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