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  1. I received the same email and when I checked the status it showed everything has been uploaded for me as well. Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy your holidays!!
  2. I received one in August (I submitted in June) that said: Thank you for submitting an application to Samuel Merritt University. This is an automated email to confirm that we have received your application for: Year: 2019 Term: Fall Program: Master of Physician Assistant Our review process will begin this summer and continue throughout the fall. When we review your application, we will notify you by email if we need any additional information or documents. Please do not send us transcripts of courses you have completed since you submitted your CASPA application; we do not go back and recalculate GPA’s based on recently completed classes. We assume you will successfully complete all classes indicated as in progress on your application. Do not send resumes, additional letters of recommendation, certificates, updates to your health care experience hours, etc. We only look at and consider the information we require as part of the standard application. As a reminder, we do not require the GRE’s and do not have a supplemental application. No changes can be made to your application. We will begin sending out interview invitations in November and will continue to invite candidates to interview as space permits until the interview process is completed. We have a total of 144 interview slots. It is very likely you will not hear from us before that time. Invitations come directly from the PA department and not through the Office of Admission. All applicants will know their final admission status by the beginning of March. We notify everyone of their final status by email. A tentative timeline for this admission cycle is on our website. Email is the official method of communication from the university. If you are expecting an email from us, please check your "spam/junk" folder. We respectfully request that you do not call us regarding your current application status. Please know that we have your application, it will go through our review process and we will email you if we need any additional information or clarification of any information throughout the review process. Again, thank you for your interest in and application to the MPA program at Samuel Merritt University! Sincerely, Tonette Green Admission Counselor Samuel Merritt University I do not believe any invites have gone out yet though.
  3. Yep, same boat! Anxiously checking my emails.
  4. aberino

    2018 Application Cycle

    Hey guys, any ideas on a meetup spot? There are a bunch of really good looking places!
  5. aberino

    2018 Application Cycle

    Travelling has been a total nightmare for me as well today. Sending you positive vibes for an early, quick and safe flight.
  6. aberino

    2018 Application Cycle

    Hey guys, having some issues with flights and am running later than planned but would love to meet up with everyone tonight. Are you guys meeting at 6 still at the Green Iguana? Is anyone else staying at the Marriott TownePlace and want to Uber together?
  7. I got my secondary invite a few hours ago and there are no words! Everyone I met during the interview was AMAZING and beyond qualified. I am so ecstatic to be invited for a secondary application! UC Davis is an amazing school and I really enjoyed the interactions with the current PAs and faculty. Wishing everyone the best of luck this cycle!!
  8. Nothing yet! I have been anxiously checking my email. ? Good luck to everyone!!
  9. Nothing yet! I have been anxiously checking my email.. ? Sending positive vibes to everyone!
  10. aberino

    2018 Application Cycle

    Received my invite to interview on November 17 at the St. George campus and I am so excited! Sending positive vibes to those still waiting to hear back from this program and others! ?
  11. aberino

    Interview Attire (women)

    I bought a suit from the Banana Republic Factory and had it hemmed locally for around $120! I shopped everywhere (JC Penneys, H&M, Macy's, etc) and that was the best deal I found. I am stuck on the type of blouse to wear... I know I am totally overthinking this but am so nervous/excited that I can't help it. LOL Are most people wearing long sleeve, button up, or is anyone wearing sleeveless tops? Thank you in advance for your help and good luck to everyone this cycle!! ?
  12. Good to know! Thank you for the info!! ?
  13. Received my invite Friday and am scheduled to interview 10/15! I am SO excited!! Looking forward to meeting some of you and sending positive vibes to everyone still waiting to hear back!! ?
  14. I totally misunderstood, I thought the first class matriculated already! How exciting! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your summer!! ? Thank you! It seems like it will be an amazing program. My brother-in-law recently graduated from their DO program and had nothing but positive things to say about the university and faculty. I'm crossing my fingers for an interview, its my top choice!
  15. Just submitted and am waiting on CASPA verification. Good luck to everyone this cycle! ? Any current students at RVU that can provide insight to the program??

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