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  1. Same!! I accepted as well!! Congratulations!!!
  2. I received an interview invite for the NJ Campus on Nov 6th at 8am!!
  3. I am hoping someone can help me with this question. I was looking back over my CASPA application and noticed that I forgot to add in my shadowing hours under Experiences (I have no idea how I forgot to do this.) Should I just add the shadowing hours and update my application or email the programs? I still have two schools I have not heard back from, Penn State being one of them, and I did not know if it was too late to send this information in.
  4. I received an email in July saying that I was waitlisted, but I have not interviewed there yet. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing though. Good Luck to everyone interviewing and congratulations to those who have been accepted!
  5. Hi! Submitted 6/8/18. Verified 6/12/18. I received the same email as well!
  6. Verified today 6/12/18. Good luck at your interview!
  7. Submitted 6/8/18. Verified today 6/12/18. Good Luck everyone!
  8. Just submitted my application today! Good Luck to everyone!
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