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  1. Congrats! When was your interview?
  2. Congrats!!! When is your interview date??
  3. That is so exciting! Congrats!
  4. paali

    GRE score help!

    Definitely! All of the schools that I am planning on applying too that require GRE either don't have a minimum posted. But some say "Strong/ competitive candidates are in the 50th%ile in all categories" I totally agree with you though. Why risk it being a reason I don't get in somewhere? Thanks for the input!
  5. paali

    GRE score help!

    That’s true! What an improvement! I will gladly take your 1992 score since you’re not using it any more! Haha.
  6. paali

    GRE score help!

    Thanks so much for your response! I think I will wait until I get my writing score and if that isn’t 50%ile or above I will retake it. How do I figure out how heavy a program weighs the GRE? Som me school sites say they don’t require it, so that’s a give away that it’s not necessary. However, for schools that recommend 50%ile, how would I find out how heavy the GRE weights? Thanks!!
  7. Hi There! Today I took my first GRE. 149 (42%) Verbal and 156 (62%) Quant. I have a solid GPA in both overall and science, both 3.6. I work as a medical scribe as well as a nurse assistant. I will have about 1000+ hours of experience by the time I apply for the 2018-2019 application cycle. Additionally, I have 50+ hours of PA shadowing. I have confirmed recommendation letters from a PA, MD and 2 upper level science course professors. I am currently in my gap year finishing up pre-reqs and trying to get as much patient care experience. I felt I was on a good track until todays GRE scores. I feel confident that I am in the 50th percentile at least on the writing portion (still pending score... also knock on wood). Need some opinions on whether my current GRE scores are a make or break for me. Combined 305, but don't have the often recommended 50th percentile in BOTH categories. Also, if you suggest retaking it... how do I improve on verbal? I have been studying for the GRE for about 3 weeks and really struggle with verbal, additionally I feel as if I run out of time. Help!

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