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  1. The article said ' In a regular clinical appointment, "I would have been given 20 minutes with him, and would have been without the support or knowledge of how to treat pain or Type 1 diabetes," she says." How is that? I thought they were already an NP? NO knowledge, or support to treat DM1, or pain? What?
  2. Thanks, I'm looking forward to It, it's going to be great! Todd
  3. * Another UPdate! They had asked me to do a 'shadow shift' with one of the APP's. I did almost 8 hrs with their lead APP- she's an NP. Very nice and a great provider too. It went well. I shadowed on Friday night, Monday morning, they emailed asking for a copy of my CV in Word of pdf. I was off Monday so they got it Tuesday- a few hours later they called me. They offered the position! Basically no $ increase from my current gig. Being that it's a teaching hospital, etc., not much wiggle room. They came back with a mere few thousand more. At this stage in my career, I coul
  4. I thought this one odd: 'Former Certified Personal Trainer' Former? Who gives a ? Should I start putting all my former things on my CV?
  5. Hello again all! I was at a family camp 'Up North' WI. all last week. I wore my Brooks Bros. Interview suit again- different shirt and tie. It went well. They are asking for references again, and copies of my diploma again- no biggie. I do technically work for the same hospital anyways. Have you heard of an online service called 'Checkster'? I gave the interviewers names/emails/phone #'s directly as well as the online thing. Another background check is well- No ptoblem! I am so delighted that I am very close to once again providing care in a large, Level 1, ED once aga
  6. Thanks for the replies, Since my other suits are at the cleaners (joke there), I'm going to wear my same suit, different shirt/tie. I'll take my coat off when we're eating, so I'll still be sharp, shirt and tie. This is the job of my career, and I'm in my 24th yr of practice! I've never been more ready to tackle whatever obstacles this job my bring. I'm good, and I got skills, Wish me luck all, Todd
  7. C'mon ya'll, I was dressed to kill/interview suit first interview, this one is over a delivery lunch at the business offices in the hospital setting. Your professional opinions please? TIA, Todd
  8. Me thinks that it's something else in your life, and this is a reaction similar to PTSD. What else is going on? Good luck, perhaps it will pass Edit: PS, I too have worked in the OR, as first Assist for many years, CV&T, Ortho, General * When I read your title, I thought it might have been you had anxiety about an upcoming surgery that you were the patient in, as in your surgery
  9. Hello all, I've been asked back for a second interview! In the largest/busiest ED in WI! Yes, I have experience. I heard there were over 50 applicants when I interviewed by phone/ then a 2.5 hr interview in person with 4 diffenert providers. They went with another candidate, but after a sent a TY for the interview, they emailed me about another PA/APP position now! So, this is a 2nd interview with mostly different people, docs, business managers- over a jimmy johns (sandwich delivery) lunch in the office. I of course was in my Brooks Bros. interview suit for the fir
  10. Quite the dilemma, I have seen all female GU c/o's, like you, I always have a 'chaperone', and never had a complaint. Good luck
  11. 'clinician attitudes towards calcium for fracture prevention' This is your Masters research project? The 'attitudes'? I'll reserve my sarcastic- on point remarks I'm only an 'Assistant' anyways...
  12. Agreed. However, more than a few days splinting! It can hurt for many weeks as the bone 'repairs' itself.
  13. My hypothesis is: It's the Nursing Lobby responsible for this. Why would they do this you ask?
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