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  1. It's possible! Good luck to you guys! I really hope you hear good news soon!
  2. I haven’t heard anything since applying in June and getting a notification email sometime after. I keep checking mail/email for rejection letter. Put a seat deposit down for another program like 2 months ago. Even if they were to accept me, at this point, I really don’t think I’d accept seeing how unprofessional and disorganized they are. I took several accelerated courses here and although the faculty was on point and some of my favorite, the facilities and campus need major upgrading and renovation. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. I hope good news comes your way and congrats to those who got in!
  3. @thatgirlonabike Thanks for your response. I absolutely understand the program’s pledge to serve rural areas. I just assumed they would have much more opportunities in underserved areas such as the ones found all over SoCal since when I look at approved clinics, there are many in my area. I have served with AmeriCorps and there are so many areas here that qualify for government support... not to mention areas our East/desert/etc. I completely understand how wonderful the scholarship is and I am appreciative of all it has to offer. I just want to serve the hundreds of thousands of people who need high quality medical care in my region, not in a state I will not stay permanently. I also thought that was another point of this program: attract qualified and passionate candidates, help them through school, and then place them in communities they can see themselves staying even after their commitment has been fulfilled.
  4. Hey @JohnnyLAX9! Thanks for the reply! I also think loan repayment might be a better option. I definitely agree that the scholarship is really nice and I’d love to have it. I think my frustration stems from the fact that the program seems to focus a lot of effort and funding on rural areas and I don’t see how if I spend 4 years in a such area, how I can transfer to hospital/ER/UC/surgery afterwords. It’s also frustrating for me because I live in SoCal and I assumed there are plenty of clinics in LA/Santa Ana etc. but everything seems to be in NorCal. Does anyone know any PAs practicing in SoCal after their scholarship? Would I have a better chance with the loan repayment if I wanted to stay here?
  5. Hey everyone! Thinking of applying for this scholarship as I'm about to begin PA school. However, even after extensive digging, it's still murky on EXACTLY how many sites we have to choose from once we graduate and, even more importantly, are there going to be any sites AT ALL in the area where I want to stay...?! I found this link https://data.hrsa.gov/tools/shortage-area/hpsa-find but a lot of the data on here for specific clinics hasn't been updated for years. I refuse to move out of state. Plain and simple as that. I also refuse to move north within my state. Should I just call? Can someone tell me if I get this super difficult scholarship (which will take many hours to apply to and require references and so forth) am I going to get screwed? Is there even a point to do this when I can graduate, get a job in an approved clinic/site and then just apply for the loan repayment? This seems so risky, like doing a military contract. Once your school is up, you're pretty much REQUIRED to begin working at a site they approve of or you will default and they'll charge you up to 3x the amount of the loan you owed/they paid. That's SUPER scary. For people who got this/know people who got this, how do you sleep at night? I watched all videos they have and see most members are in super remote/rural areas in states I have zero interest in living. I have friends who did AirForce after MD school and were pretty much guaranteed to work in bases they specifically chose before beginning their contract. I'm leaning towards military because, frankly, it sounds much more transparent and logical than these "hidden" "magical" sites which we cannot 100% know of until we've signed our lives away... Any advice is appreciated.. sorry for the rant, lol.
  6. @FeelTheMusicPA and @SiennaNguyen You guys are absolutely right
  7. Congrats @pauljl!!! That’s sooo exciting! Is this your first choice?
  8. I'm really confused. I notice that people who were initially waitlisted in December are now being called in for an interview. First, congrats to you guys! That's very exciting and I truly wish you the best of luck However, does this mean that those who already interviewed, and haven't heard anything back, are pretty much rejected? Hmmm... I think, perhaps, I'm misunderstanding how their waitlist works.
  9. Awww thank you! I actually interviewed and just haven’t heard back. They were very welcoming and the staff was super friendly.
  10. That’s wonderful news. Hope you get invited and have better luck than me.
  11. Congratulations to everyone who got their acceptance calls! What a wonderful present just in time for the holidays I wonder if anyone from the 12/8 interview at 9am made it through?
  12. Good luck everyone! It’s so strange they wait so long to communicate but wishing for the best and keeping things positive.
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