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  1. Hello,I am an honors student at Arizona State University majoring in biological sciences. I currently have a 3.52 GPA. I know this isn't great and some of my friends have said that I probably don't have a chance of getting into PA school. I am considering adding a second major in Neuroscience. I would graduate a semester later but I was hoping the second degree/extra education would make me a stronger candidate. Would it? Or should I just graduate in Spring 2018 as planned? I am already planning on taking a gap year after graduation to get medical experience but its just a matter of whether I graduate in Spring 2018 or Fall 2018. Also, please be honest with me. Do I have a chance of getting in? I did a medical internship in Nicaragua summer of 2017 which was great experience. I also recently started working in a psychology research lab. I know I need a lot more experience but some people say that if you don't have a 3.7 GPA or above then you don't have a chance at all or have really low chances.
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