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  1. PANRE Rosh Review for sale--$100 by venmo or zelle. Expires 2/14/19. includes one MOCK NCCPA PANRE boost exam that expires 3/5/19. Current cost for Rosh Review is $299 for a year, $249 for 90 days, and $229 for 30 days Rosh Review was integral to me passing my boards...Private message me if interested. Thanks!
  2. hi I have rosh review that i'm selling for $100 good through 2/14/19 also includes MOCK NCCPA PANRE - Block 1 good until 3/5/19 let me know if interested. thanks!
  3. Expires 2/14/19 Includes one mock PANRE exam w/one block of 50 questions in same distribution as PANRE Paid $299 for it, but selling for $175 Private message me if interested, thanks!
  4. I attended the 5 day CME resources conference for my first recert about 6 years ago, and then attended the 3 day recert course in Feb of this year. I felt the 5 day had me better prepared but by the 5th day of sitting 9-10 hours and trying to absorb all this info that I hadn't seen or practiced for many years, I don't know how much I retained by those last couple of days. I took the exam ~3wks later and passed. The 3 day course was better suited for me this year w/kids, work, etc. Going into the 3 day course I had high hopes that it would teach me all I needed to know and that I'd only ha
  5. STILL haven’t heard...you?? I thought for sure today would be the day...
  6. I took the panre on 3/14 and haven’t heard yet either! I had two friends take it within the last month and they heard within 6-7 days. And the last two times I took the exam I heard within 6-7 days. Getting nervous...though I am glad to hear I’m not the only one waiting impatiently for results!!
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