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  1. The anxiety is real!!! Thanks to the students for keeping us updated.
  2. Thank you for the update. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Ok. How do you determine the %? Do you simply multiply the points by 4. Ex: score 22 = 88%
  4. Hi, As I saw today: Worst case, they will provide a paper exam to those who cannot access blackboard. However, the score won't be immediately available. Does anyone have an idea of what typical scores receive invites for interview?
  5. Thank you, I just checked and it has been updated.
  6. Hi gansakc, Thank you for keeping us informed throughout this initial stage. For those who did not receive invites, keep your heads up and continue working to improve yourselves. I know it's tough and likely easier said than done, but don't give up and please continue pursuing your dreams. Healthcare is a beautiful thing to be a part of, it requires dedication, sacrifice and perseverance. As gansakc advised, head over to the campus to find out in which areas you could improve to become a better candidate. For those who received invites, congratulations and good luck on your exams. I hope to meet some of you on the 20th and possibly become classmates for the next cycle. Study hard, not just for the exam, but because one day your knowledge will save lives! Best wishes to all!
  7. Hi Ginna, I went today and was told to fill out a request form, and that it would take a week for it to be updated. I'm hoping they get it done before my test date. Did your friend do the same? Or did they actually change the code when he/she was there?
  8. Hi, I have the same issue, the only solution is to go see an advisor (any campus should be fine). There is an option of mailing the request, but that can go wrong in many ways. The sure bet is to see an advisor and have them change the program code.
  9. Check your MDC email for invite. I received confirmation of my application at my personal email, but the test invite went to my MDC email. My last name starts with V, so my guess is that they don't follow any particular order.
  10. After submitting your application did you receive an email confirming it was completed?
  11. I received my invite yesterday around 5pm. It was sent to my MDC student email. I will be attending Feb 20th. Good luck to everyone!
  12. I'm with you Angie, the anxiety is real! I am patiently waiting as well. I'm also wondering if they just began sending the invites and until when we may expect to receive one. Do you recall from the previous years when you and most of the applicants received theirs? (assuming you followed the forum for updates)
  13. Awesome Rocio! Congratulations and good luck. Did you receive the invite today?
  14. Nice! Good luck Jason, hope you do well. It's good to know the ball is rolling, hope to get my invite soon.
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