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  1. Thank you! Yes please share if you hear back. It’s probably good that you did email because of the caspa email delivery issues they’ve had.
  2. Has anyone heard anything from the 9/13 interview?
  3. I’m interviewing on 4/16. Does anyone know if this is the last interview? Excited to meet you all!
  4. I haven’t heard anything yet either and I’ve sent updates. I applied around 11/25.
  5. I ended up getting waitlisted. Best of luck to you, maybe I’ll see you this August!
  6. I haven’t either. Admissions also told me that they cannot disclose the waitlist ranking. Good luck as we wait it out!
  7. Congrats Naia! I was sitting next to you... still hoping there’s a chance I’ll get in too!
  8. Maybe no news is good news? It looks like some people did receive a rejection in a shorter amount of time which was also my experience last year. Good luck with the waiting game!
  9. My app was under review 8/12/18 but I have not received any updates and it’s going on 6 weeks. Anyone else have a similar timeline?
  10. I'm also concerned about this after being waitlisted. It looks like apps are open until May 10th but you have to have an acceptance to apply. Did you receive any advice on this?
  11. I was also waitlisted from the 4/24 interview. The email didn't specify any categories within the waitlist or give any indication as to how big the waitlist is. It looks like there is hope though from looking at previous threads!
  12. Hey there! I'm also in a similar boat with the waiting game. submitted 11/1 supplemental invite 12/7 submitted supplemental 12/21 ready for review 12/29 Does anyone know how many spots are left in the program? I'm also curious if anyone knows how likely you may be to get an interview if you received the supplemental (or how many they give out)? I would appreciate any insight! Good luck everyone!
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