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  1. Thank you! Yes please share if you hear back. It’s probably good that you did email because of the caspa email delivery issues they’ve had.
  2. I know the feeling haha! From reading through the forum it looks like the range was 10 days (including weekends) to over 2 weeks.
  3. Has anyone heard anything from the 9/13 interview?
  4. I was verified on 7/9 and received an email from Dominican on 7/12 stating that they received my application and would update me on the status as they continue to review other applications. They also said admissions decisions can be made anytime through January. I'm wondering if this is similar to the application confirmation others received or if this means I have more of a "continued consideration/ interview waitlist status" as other schools may label it. I may be over analyzing but any insight would be appreciated!
  5. The class is full. If somebody drops out before the start date the co-chairs will select someone from the waitlist to offer the seat to. I asked when I submitted my prerequisite update.
  6. I’m interviewing on 4/16. Does anyone know if this is the last interview? Excited to meet you all!
  7. I haven’t heard anything yet either and I’ve sent updates. I applied around 11/25.
  8. I ended up getting waitlisted. Best of luck to you, maybe I’ll see you this August!
  9. I haven’t either. Admissions also told me that they cannot disclose the waitlist ranking. Good luck as we wait it out!
  10. Congrats Naia! I was sitting next to you... still hoping there’s a chance I’ll get in too!
  11. Maybe no news is good news? It looks like some people did receive a rejection in a shorter amount of time which was also my experience last year. Good luck with the waiting game!
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