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  1. I want to say first, they may change what they did last year, but we had 2 one-on-one interviews and a group interview. All had basic interview questions and mine ended up being more like conversations. The group interview was a small group and is nothing really to worry about. Candidate selection for us was rolling! Each application was reviewed as it was submitted and this continued throughout the interview season. So after every interview anyone who didn't receive an acceptance or rejection was put in a pool which was again reviewed with every applicant who had interviewed previously. Basically if you don't hear a No, there's still a chance. The faculty just want to be sure they are selecting the best students for their program and don't want to miss applicants if they applied a bit later in the cycle!
  2. Hey! I interviewed for HSU a year ago today and the program won me over completely! I was accepted 2 days later and will be starting in about a month! I may not be there yet but I know some current students offered advice last year that was really helpful to me so if you need any interview advice or info about the program just let me know and I can do my best. Best of Luck!
  3. I was just offered a spot in the program today! I've already made plans to attend another program but I really liked tech when I interviewed and want to consider it. The only issue I have right now is the feasibility of moving from Houston to Midland in 2 weeks. Any advice? Any accepted students still need a roommate? I've just heard housing in midland right now is scarce due to oil! Thanks!
  4. Alright, I know multiple people have probably asked this but since each situation is unique, I have decided to post. Basically, I have 2 acceptances to PA school which I am thrilled about! Up until a week ago, I had only one acceptance so was planning accordingly, but now that I have 2 offers, I am struggling with which one to pick. The first program is at a private university, has a small class size, and looks like an amazing program. I would be in its 3rd class so there are not PANCE scores to go off of yet, though with the way this program is run and the feedback I've received from current students, I do not think this will be an issue. It is not located in a medical center, but offers clinical rotations throughout the state. It also sets you up to get a job in an area that typically pays better for PA jobs! The interview process here was fantastic and I loved speaking the the faculty! Basically, the only downside of this program for me is that it is expensive! The second program is a well-known program that has had some accreditation issues but seems to be working them out. I felt like the interview process was hectic and I have had emails sent to me in error (Told I was declined when I had just accepted my position). All of these could just be due to the PA program's change in leadership and other changes being implemented but it did not leave me with a great feeling. The program is located in a medical center and the students interact quite a bit with the medical students. It also provides some unique opportunities to volunteer at a clinic that are not available everywhere. Overall, I like this program less than the first; however, it is roughly 30k cheaper and I'm having a hard time justifying spending more on my education than I have to because I already have previous undergrad and grad loans! I honestly feel like most people will save money, but at what point does the quality of education Receive change that? (or does it ever) Thoughts?
  5. I was just accepted off the wait list! They give 5 days to accept or decline for those who asked! Any current students have information on how the program has/is changing since the new head took over? Any input would be awesome!
  6. Just got an email saying I was waitlisted. Interviewed Oct. 29th!
  7. I just declined my interview invitation due to being accepted to another program I fit with better. Best of luck to whoever gets the spot and all those interviewing!
  8. Absolutely! I believe last years forum mentioned that they don't number...or they at least don't tell you the number. But another question, when you go to the link to accept your position, does it say you were given an offer of acceptance and to pay the deposit? I guess I just thought it would say to accept your "alternate position", but maybe it's just the same message regardless.
  9. Just received an email that I am on the alternate's list, so waitlisted! Happy it's not a no lol!
  10. I also received an interview on this date! I am in Group B!
  11. I have an interview coming up next week and just wanted to see if I could get any information from some current students in the program. Specifically, how do you feel about the program overall? Do you feel prepared for clinical rotations? Does the lack of an easily accessible cadaver lab hinder your anatomy education in any way or is the anatomy table a good substitute? And lastly, what does your weekly schedule look like semester to semester? Like is it an 8-5, M-F schedule, or do you have time between classes where you could study? Thanks in Advance!!
  12. Submitted on 6/1 and Verified 6/4. Received MyStar Access 6/5
  13. Also received an interview for 10/29. I received my under review email 9/4!
  14. When did yall get your under review emails and invites?
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