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  1. And just for clarification I did not have to pay anything back in taxes for this scholarship. Before I applied this was a common myth I kept hearing.
  2. For anyone who got in this year, congratulations! I have about a weeks worth of scrubs (size small) that I used for anatomy this summer. I got them from Goodwill so I don't want any money for them. Just wanting to pass them along for the next poor soul Some of the tops and pants don't match but trust me you won't want to wear any nice or fancy scrubs to anatomy. Let me know if anyone wants them. Also, if you didn't get in this year, don't give up. I got waitlisted my first year and then got in my second try. I have another friend who it took her 3 times before getting in. If you want it bad enough you will find a way!
  3. I think you can do either. If you apply after school then you don't get the stipend. So, really you get more out of it if you apply before school. I applied for it the summer I started. They didn't pay for my first summer semester but started in the fall. Let me know if you have any other questions. And congrats on starting school!
  4. Well, so far I have had a great experience with this scholarship. They are paying tuition and I get a stipend every month to pay for living expenses. They include money for books and other expenses as well. I know they take out taxes for the stipend but not for the state. So, i'm sure I will have to pay a little back in taxes for that. Overall though, I think it is well worth all the support I am getting from them. If you are considering applying for this scholarship or you haven't looked into it you should!
  5. Anyone receive or accept an IHS scholarship? I have recently been awarded the scholarship to pay for PA school. Curious to hear from anyone who has accepted this scholarship in the past. How has it worked out for you?
  6. Just FYI to anyone applying, I believe this year they are doing rolling applications so the sooner you submit your application the better chance you have of getting in.
  7. I got accepted this year but was wait listed last year. I know how agonizing waiting around to hear something is! Just to give a little hope, we have to send our acceptance letters in by February 8th. I'm sure if people don't accept you might hear something from the wait list around that time. But I know people who were accepted off the wait list a couple weeks before school started as well. Good luck!
  8. Last year I received my email that I got an interview on December 1st but I haven't heard anything this year yet. I think they are just a little behind compared to last year. Hopefully we hear something soon!
  9. TinaRocketfish, Just out of curiosity, did they send this to you because you missed the initial deadline?
  10. Last year I received the supplemental application on Oct. 22nd. They do things differently every year. If it is November and you haven't heard anything, then I would be concerned.
  11. I applied last year and was waitlisted. I submitted both grad app and caspa at the beginning of August. I received the supplemental application in October. Don't stress yet. It just takes time.
  12. Just curious if any of the accepted applicants this year were re-applicants? If so, how did you improve your application from previous years?
  13. Thanks everyone! I think that is one of the hardest things about trying to get into PA school for me right now. Putting your life on hold to pursue a dream. I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew. It is my dream to go to PA school but I also want a family. I know at the end of the day you have to do what's best for your family but sometimes it's hard to know what that is!
  14. Did anyone start PA school pregnant? Or become pregnant in school? Or have a brand new baby before school started? What are your stories? How did you manage school and your life?
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