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  1. I had the interview in the fall. I think around November, but I got accepted back in January.
  2. I was accepted into Bay Shore program a couple of weeks ago. Anyone else? I am too excited to meet everyone in the class.
  3. I know it’s devastating but we just have to remain hopeful. I really loved this program so I am really hoping to get in.
  4. Yes, unfortunately I was told over email that my application is pending for consideration. I assume this means that I have been waitlisted. Did you hear back?
  5. I think they will email us. I just don’t know when. They said after thanksgiving I believe. I hope we both get in!
  6. Anyone has an interview on nov 12th and wants to meet up before or after the interview?
  7. It starts this January 2019, but they accept students without bachelors degree and just 90 credits.
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