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  1. Hey everyone! Congrats on being accepted I am considering applying to UT's program next cycle. I have a 3.28 gpa w/ over 3,000 hours as an athletic trainer, EMT, and patient support technician over 250 volunteering hours, and over 200 shadowing hours with multiple MD's and PA's. Do you guys think I have a chance of being accepted? Thanks, Anne
  2. Hello! I'm considering taking organic chem 1 online at Doane U. Has anyone taken this class? I'm wondering how it was since it is a science with a lab. Also, could I take other classes at the school along with this one while working full time?
  3. Do you mind me asking who your professor for Microbiology was? And if you have any tips for succeeding in this class? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently taking microbiology at Doane University. Has anyone else taken this course at Doane? I was wondering if you could give some advice? Me and my classmates have been struggling due to miscommunication between us and the professor. Thanks! Anne
  5. Hello everyone! I'm looking into taking a few online classes at Doane University. I was just looking for advice and past experiences with the classes the schools offer? I would be taking microbiology, biochemistry and biology 2. Also, if you know of any other online classes offered? Thanks!
  6. Hello all! I am 23 years old and interested in becoming a PA. I have recently completed my B.S. and am now finishing up my pre-reqs to apply for PA school. I am feeling pretty discouraged though due to the high standards of the different programs. I am seeking advice on how my resume looks currently and with what I am doing now to become a competitive applicant, should I keep trying or should I give up? GPA: 3.1 currently; I am taking microbiology (4 credits) and genetics (4 credits) currently for the first time. I am also retaking biology 1 (4 credits.) I also need to complete biochemistry and biology 2 for the first time, both are 4 credits. So my GPA will increase from this. I am also planning on completing an EMT program this summer, which will count towards my GPA and I'm planning on retaking anatomy and physiology 1 and 2. GRE: have not taken yet Patient care experience: 1,020 hours as an athletic trainer (EMT work after I complete the program will increase this amount with a new healthcare experience) Shadowing: 130 hours shadowing PA's and MD's Volunteer Work: 215 (this includes: scribing, rehabilitation with patients, children's hospital, etc.) Recommendation: 1 from an MD I worked with as an ATC, I have 2 phenomenal letters from two directors from my athletic training department in undergrad, but haven't asked a PA yet. I know I will make a great PA, but my GPA doesn't show how I perform clinically. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for the past 5 years, and my medication was changed all throughout college, which really made it hard for me to do well in my classes.. Unfortunately, I am on a steady medication that works well with me now, which is why I have an upward trend in my last 75 credits.
  7. Hello! I'm planning on taking a 3 month EMT course this summer. I am already looking into different jobs that EMTs are capable of applying for just in case there are no EMT job opportunities near me when I am finished with the program. I had no idea how many different healthcare jobs people with an EMT certification could do. My question is this: which healthcare profession would look better on my PA application? 1. EMT 2. Patient Care Tech (there are awesome PCT jobs in different hospitals in oncology, etc. that I personally seem more interested in), 3. ER tech 4. Medical Assistant (Some clinics allow some EMT certification to work as a MA) I have read that a job in the hospital can be better because of the interactions with MDs, DOs, PAs, etc but I also know that some schools hold an EMT to a higher standard sometimes. Thanks in advance! :)
  8. Also, I am taking microbiology and genetics for the first time now.
  9. Other stats: Shadowing: 130 hrs shadowing PAs and MDs in different specialties Direct patient care hours: 1,020 hours as a certified athletic trainer Volunteering hours: 143 hours I haven't taken the GRE yet and am going to complete an EMT program and gain more PCE by working as one and continue to shadow and volunteer. GPA is a 3.1
  10. Okay! Thank you. What is the name of the accredited school offering physiology online?
  11. Hello everyone! I have a lower GPA and have already completed my bachelors degree. I am finishing up my pre-requisites now and have read that people recommend retaking classes you did not do too well in. My dilemma is this: my school had Anatomy & Physiology as separate classes and I got a "C" in physiology. All of the schools near me now offer A&P 1 and A&P2. I was thinking of retaking physiology to increase my grade and GPA. Should I retake A&P 1 and 2 since my undergraduate school offered them separately? Will this look better on my transcript or should I not re-take it and take my chances applying to a PA program for the first time? Thanks in advance!
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