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  1. A little background: 16 years PA experience (12 years in Medical Derm, 3 years Urology and 1 year Ortho) Currently work for Academic Hospital. Base salary of $118,000 no bonus structure. I bill a little over $700,000 per year with 1 Medical Assistant Received an offer at Private firm of: (I will have 2 Medical Assistants working for me) 1st year $110,000 base and 20% of gross collections minus first $290,000 Bonus is yearly (one payment) at end of 1st year. 2nd year No base and 30% of gross collections. Bonus is yearly (one payment) at end of 2nd year. 24 month non compete for the surrounding 8 counties. $10,000 signing bonus and $10,000 relocation. Just wondering if people think that is a good offer?? I think with my level of experience that the percentages are a little low and the $290,000 overhead number is higher than the normal 2X your salary. It's around 2.6 times the salary. Thanks!
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