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  1. I just confirmed my interview for Jan 14th. I am insanely excited. I am coming from AZ. Those of you that know or are from the Portland area any ideas on where to stay, eat and to do? I m bringing my wife with me and may try to get a good date night/mini vacation out of this opportunity. I applied last minute and did not expect to get an invite because I was so late. I had to apply to this school even though I considered it a long shot. Good luck to rest of us that are getting these last spots.
  2. So the process is really chill. Presentation about the program and history and such. They split you into groups of 4-5 for a group interview, you get to spend a bunch of time with current students. You have a chance to speak to financial aid. You tour the facilities. You are escorted by a current student between each station. There was a survey and a one-on-one interview. Really laid back process. you will have a good time.
  3. Hey everybody. I will not be attending this years program. I was offered a scholarship for the first years tuition but the scholarship was only available for the class starting in 2020. It was a tough call to have to wait that long but I could not pass up the scholarship. Good luck everybody.
  4. Anybody get invited to the Oct 16th & 17th interview? Does anybody know if the class is already full?
  5. I just had to ask to be put on the reschedule list ?. Good luck! The itinerary looks really cool. Trolly ride in downtown Savannah and such. I hope they do another interview.
  6. I am not able to attend the interview because of the short notice. I have to ask if they have another one scheduled. They emailed me telling me that they received my application on June 5th. B.S. in Biology Cumulative GPA 3.68 Science GPA 3.68 3 years patient care experience as an Firefighter/EMT 10 years patient care experience as a Firefighter/Paramedic GRE verbal 155 quantitative 147 analytical 3
  7. Anybody get invited to the interview on Sep 4th & 5th? I got invited yesterday. It seems weird that they only gave us 11 days notice over a holiday weekend.
  8. I created a thread for the MCPHS-Worcester class of 2020 as a starting point. No facebook group yet.
  9. So here is a thread for those of us planning on attending MCPHS-Worcester starting in January of 2019. I figured it might be best to try and meet some of y'all as soon as possible. Now, talk amongst yourselves....
  10. Thank you @dspa20! Hey @Monte You know anybody on here that went to the Worcester Campus that I could talk with about, housing and such? You guys have been awesome.
  11. Thank you so much for responding! I feel like I hit a gold mine. Are the lectures recorded and able to be re-watched? Was the school helpful in locating a job after graduation? I have an interview approaching in about 2 weeks. Is there anything you think I should know about the schools culture before I go?
  12. Will do! When did you interview? If you don't mind what was it like? I heard that they have 3 one-on-one interviews, an essay and a a sample lecture. My family and I live in Flagstaff so hopefully the winters are not to much of a shock if I get accepted.
  13. Does the live-stream have anyway to interact with the instructor, such as questions and the like? As far as the bad reviews I tend to take everything with a grain of salt. What was your experience like? Did any of your classmates have families and if so what was it like for them. What areas of Worcester have good neighborhood/schools that may be close enough to drive or take public transportation to school? What was the best thing you liked about the program? What was the worst? How was class morale? Were instructors available and helpful? How did the clinical year work out for you? What was scheduling and finding housing for rotations like? I thank you so much for your response. Seriously, thank you for taking the time to answer
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