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  1. Ahh, sorry! Not sure how I missed this, but I'm down! You message me if you'd like to set something up (with whoever else too lol)
  2. Received an invite today. The only available option was in January lol, but I was able to sign up for the waitlist for October 9.
  3. Congrats! I got one too. I’d be down to do something like a virtual meetup lol. Did you get a confirmation email once you accepted the interview? I didn’t so just want to be sure I’m doing everything right :)
  4. Did you get a confirmation email after accepting it? (assuming that you did lol)
  5. I got an invite earlier as well! I’m an out of state applicant with below average GPA just fyi
  6. ^this + them being a January start program, I don't see interviews being pushed back but only time will tell!
  7. I just interviewed last week & haven't gotten any decision from them, either
  8. Received an invite today & scheduled an interview for early October! The first date offered was already full, so that was a bummer--but overall, I'm excited
  9. Was just coming here to say this lol. I think we are the last round of interviews, so hopefully we'll all be hearing back soon
  10. Mine was at 2:45. While I was checking in, I was told that tomorrow's portion would be rescheduled for a later date. I wasn't given any specifics though and haven't received any new emails yet.
  11. I was also invited yesterday for these dates! I applied 07/31 (just before the deadline lol) Good luck everyone!
  12. I haven’t received anything yet either ...hopefully soon!
  13. I haven't heard anything either. It seems like they sent out a few invites at the end of last week, so I guess the interview Friday is full? Hoping to get a chance at an upcoming date! Good luck to everyone that's been offered an invite!
  14. Nope. I submitted my verified app in July as well, so we hopefully we get something soon. I also sent a few emails to the program as early as June that have yet to be answered though.
  15. Ahh, congrats everyone! Seems like they are sending out interviews from those that applied earlier in the cycle. I applied a bit later, so *fingers crossed* they make it down the line lol
  16. It's so crazy to me that they're conducting in-person interviews. Be safe & good luck to those attending the upcoming date!
  17. The anticipation is killing me [emoji854]
  18. Congrats & good luck! Do they call or email to give notice of the invitation?
  19. Has anyone been able to contact the program? I've sent a few emails over the past month with no response.
  20. ^yep, this is all I've gotten as well
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