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  1. @HKPPA if you don't mind me asking, when did you interview?
  2. Does anyone know how many seats are left unfilled?
  3. @albae CONGRATS!! Do you know how many people have been accepted?
  4. Declining my interview for 11/19! Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone else! Goodluck to everyone!!
  5. For those who interviewed, app. what time did you guys leave? Also, any tips/advice?
  6. Accepted as well! Can't wait to meet yall in May!!
  7. Hey guys! I've been accepted to a PA program and I wanted to know if theres anything I should buy/study/do prior to the program starting? I'm nervous because I've been out of school for 3 years and I don't remember anything!! ? I feel like i'm going to fail
  8. How many people were in the first interview session? and did they say when they will let you know about decisions?
  9. Thank you so much! My program uses power points too and I just wanted to know the easiest way to take notes.
  10. Thank you! What would you recommend is the best device to take notes on though?
  11. What kind of laptop do you guys recommend for PA school?
  12. @GinaS I submitted early may like the first week and received an interview invite 8/20. Hope that helps!
  13. Does Augusta give re-applicants an extra point?
  14. Interesting, thank you! Do you know how many students they're accepting?
  15. Do you live in GA? They have an information session in July i believe. I think I might go.
  16. Is anyone applying to MSM in Georgia?
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