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  1. Thanks for the support I’m number 8 right now so I’m glad to hear you got in from below number 11. By chance what month/day did you get that email that you were number 11?
  2. I’m pretty sure the class is full but I would think there’s still a couple people waiting to hear back from possible number one choice schools so they might not all be locked in to going for sure.
  3. Ann just sent an email about this! I’m on the alternate list crossing my fingers for the both of us.
  4. I’m also giving up my seat today so good luck everyone!
  5. I got in yesterday morning! So excited for the opportunity This was my third time applying, but my first interview here so I’m really excited to get offered a seat! Still waiting to hear back from my first choice, but this is my second.
  6. I believe it’s the average of the three interviewer scores so there can definitely be decimals.
  7. Ann wouldn’t give me an answer as to how low it has gone in the past because she said it doesn’t translate from year to year.
  8. The 9.7 was how low you saw it go for the initial acceptances or the people who got in off the waitlist?
  9. Can those that were accepted post what your updated file scores were? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much for the information! If anyone in future interviews asks how low of a score they went to last year that would be very helpful!
  11. If anyone knows a rough estimate of the updated file score that people got in with last year that would be super helpful.
  12. What is the updated file score? Is it based off the same things and it’s just updated pre-reqs if you had out standing ones or they add new things into the score?
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