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  1. Forgot to mention I had an invitation to interview at their second round today, but I turned it down. Good luck to everyone else!
  2. Got an invitation this morning to interview, but I will be turning it down. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Does anyone know when in June the start date is? I’m trying to plan a vacation in May and am wondering if I’m cutting it too close.
  4. Giving up my interview spot, hopefully that opens it up for someone else!
  5. Got accepted to my top choice so I will be giving up my spot at the Glenside campus. One more spot open for you guys!
  6. There were 21 students at my interview yesterday!
  7. I just got the call about 15 mins ago and have been accepted to the Stony Brook campus as well! Beyond excited to be joining the class of 2021!
  8. I have not heard a single thing. If we don't hear today, maybe I will call just to see if there's that small chance we were all wait-listed lol
  9. Received an interview invite for 11/5! I will probably be passing up the offer though, so hopefully it opens up a spot for someone else!
  10. To anyone who has interviewed already: would you mind sharing details on the interview format? The email says something about group activities and observations and individual interviews.
  11. From past years, it looks like they make calls around 3-4 PM EST.
  12. There was a group orientation, a tour, and then 2 individual interviews with 2 people (made up of either 1st years, 2nd years, alumni, or faculty).
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