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  1. Hey! Just paid my deposit for the Winston Salem class! Would love to join the group! Can’t wait to meet you all!
  2. Hi! I just got accepted today! Anyone know the exact start date in May?
  3. Congratulations!! I also was accepted earlier today to the business program, but I’m going to decline the offer and go straight into the PA program. for those still on the active applicant list—it really is moving!! Stay positive!
  4. Anyone else receive an email about prerequisites today? And if so, does anyone know if this means they’re looking at more apps? I’m on the waitlist and wasn’t expecting to hear anything until at least December after the deposits are due...
  5. For those who interviewed last week 11/4 or 11/6, did they say when they would let you know by?
  6. Not yet. I called on Friday afternoon and they said we should hear by today if we haven’t already heard. This is the worst.
  7. Anyone hear anything today?? On the waitlist and was hoping today might be the day.
  8. anyone know if there was an interview this week?
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