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  1. For those who interviewed last week 11/4 or 11/6, did they say when they would let you know by?
  2. Not yet. I called on Friday afternoon and they said we should hear by today if we haven’t already heard. This is the worst.
  3. Anyone hear anything today?? On the waitlist and was hoping today might be the day.
  4. anyone know if there was an interview this week?
  5. This is super exciting to hear. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I have the same question. I also received that email over the summer too. update: I called and it is in fact a rejection email.
  7. has anyone received any acceptance letters yet?
  8. Hi all, I just got invited for a 10/7 interview. I submitted CASPA on 6/14 and the supplemental on 7/3. So excited!!
  9. Hi there-- I applied back in September, did the supplemental shortly after, but on the My Eagle site, it is showing that they did not receive my GRE scores OR my transcripts from undergrad schools. I sent my GRE scores on 9/22/17, but did not individually send my transcripts, I don't remember there being a spot to do that on the supplemental app. Anyone remember if they individually sent them? I assumed that meant they had access to them on CASPA (where they should have been automatically sent to any school added to the application list). Any help is appreciated!
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