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  1. Did you know about the quiz beforehand or was it sprung on you?
  2. I received an interview invite yesterday. I'm from out of state and I'm 31 years old. This is my first interview invite. I am super excited and I look forward to meeting you.
  3. They could be reviewing in order of the CASPA submission date. I applied early in the cycle. I did get that email and I had mini freak out moment about "what discrepancies". I think they are giving everyone a chance to review and edit one last time before sending out final interviews in December. So for the others that didn't get that email, I would assume there is plenty of time to receive it. IMO
  4. I took the first CASPER in May and I definitely didn't get that.
  5. Same! Hopefully there is a program out there that will say yes this cycle for us.
  6. Does anyone know if there are seats still available?
  7. I feel the exact same. I submitted in May. They are a veteran friendly school and I'm a former military medic from NC. I thought that this would give me a little edge in this program. This one hurts. I feel like the interviews came and went. I am extremely happy for those who were accepted. You are the top of the top.
  8. So excited for you. I went to a closer look session back in 2018 and I loved this program. Congrats! And have fun on the slide!
  9. Nope deadline is Oct 1st. Not submitting is an automatic rejection.
  10. Hey guys, please check your spam and promotions folder. I just received my first denial letter and it was in my spam folder. This stung! Good luck to everyone else aiming for those final nine spots.
  11. Sorry blending schools. I received my "file is complete" on July 6th.
  12. When did you submit? I submitted in May and received an under review status July 6th. Congratulations by the way.
  13. Same as me too! I feel like we are all maybes.
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