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  1. I plan on getting my Associates Of Applied Science In Radiologic Technology. The program at my CC will take three years and some of the credits you can transfer towards a bachelors degree. I was planning on getting my degree to become an X Tay Tech and then once I get a job start working on my bachelors degree part time at a local four year university. It would take several years though to do this and I wouldn’t be able to apply to any PA program until i’m in my late 20’s. I have also thought about becoming a surg tech because the program is shorter and i’m interested in maybe becoming an Ortho PA. Should I go the surg tech route or the X Ray Tech? With either it will still take about 8 to 9 years to earn my B.S. in Biology. This is because I would work full time and only take two classes per semester once I start working full time.
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