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  1. ksy413

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Hi there. Has anyone from the first interview group received an acceptance call/email?
  2. Hi all. To all those accepted: have you put your deposit down yet? Is anyone on the fence or worried about the provisional status of the program?
  3. No, I haven't been able to reschedule. I am not able to cancel my November 16th slot because the date has already passed, and I can't schedule a new date without cancelling the old one.
  4. Heads up for fellow interviewees: delayed opening at the Pace Pleasantville campus tomorrow. Offices don't open until 10.
  5. That's good to know. I went to great lengths to size my photo to 3x5 anyway, but I'm sure it was an unnecessary step. Thanks for the info!
  6. they're asking that we bring a 3x5 pic to the interview, but is anyone else having a hard time finding a place that prints 3x5 photos or even a place that sells 3x5 photo paper?
  7. Hi there. Would you mind sharing who you contacted at Cornell? Was it the administrative assistant? Thanks!

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