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  1. I have a strong feeling we should get a response prior to this Thursday. When I interviewed I was told that I should receive a response in a "Couple of weeks". Even though the E-mail states within one week I don't think thats necessarily the case all the time.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses! It definitely gave me some motivation and I will do my best to bolster my application for next cycle.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, So I applied to 13 schools this cycle and didn't receive any interviews. It was either a flat out rejection or no response. I'm pretty bummed out and just stuck here wondering where the hell I went wrong. Here are my stats: 25/M/Navy Veteran cGPA: 3.20 sGPA: 3.37 PCE: 2,200 Leadership: 5,000+ Shadowing: 325 Letters: PA shadowed, College Chemistry professor, MD I worked with in the military. I feel like I had a great Personal statement; I believe that I articulated why I wanted to become a PA very well. The only things that I think hindered my
  4. This program is my last hope this cycle! It happens to be my top choice as well. Good luck to all and I hope we hear something soon.
  5. Does anyone know if all interview invites have been extended?
  6. First round interviews were sent out this time last year! Good luck everyone!
  7. Received email stating that my application is being held for review until a later date due to low GPA. Why state a minimum GPA requirement if your expectations greatly exceed that requirement? Welp... I just think it sucks to be automatically pushed aside solely for GPA. It is what it is though!
  8. Ive posted a topic like this on reddit .. Here is the link !
  9. Hey everyone, I am in the process of applications and I had some questions regarding upper level biology requirements. My major is Exercise Science and I have taken classes such as Exercise Physiology W/Lab (EX 250) , Nutritional Aspects of human health & performance (EX 255) & Sports Medicine W/Lab (EX 240) .. Although these have EX course codes because of my major, would any of these technically be considered upper level biology? I am asking this here because I have yet to get a response from a school, and if these classes do not suffice I will have to take Microbiology over th
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