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  1. Ive posted a topic like this on reddit .. Here is the link !
  2. Hey everyone, I am in the process of applications and I had some questions regarding upper level biology requirements. My major is Exercise Science and I have taken classes such as Exercise Physiology W/Lab (EX 250) , Nutritional Aspects of human health & performance (EX 255) & Sports Medicine W/Lab (EX 240) .. Although these have EX course codes because of my major, would any of these technically be considered upper level biology? I am asking this here because I have yet to get a response from a school, and if these classes do not suffice I will have to take Microbiology over the summer. Thank you for your time!
  3. Hey all, I was a GM in the Navy. However, for my last 6 months of enlistment I requested to go TAD to medical. I was given an OJT packet and stuck by the corpsman during their day-to-day activities. I was able to check-in patients, record vitals, administer vaccinations, perform blood draws, etc. Does this necessarily count as direct paid patient care? I am curious as to how I can word this on CASPA because it may be confusing to non-military. Thank you!
  4. It will take a total of 3 years to complete my undergraduate, I am on an accelerated track. I will be receiving disability, as for the percentage amount I am not too certain yet.. Just waiting for a return on my paperwork. As for the PCE, I was told by my current school that It needs to be paid patient care. Thank you for the reply its much appreciated!
  5. Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a little over a month now and have obtained some very insightful information! However, I have yet to find the answers to a few of my questions. I came across the military thread but felt like my post would be more appropriate for the Pre-PA section. A little background information before I begin asking my questions, I will be transitioning out of the military in may of this year, I have already been accepted to the number one school on my list for my undergrad in exercise science. I have obtained some college credits throughout my military career and have also taken two general courses at a local community college. I have yet to receive my transfer credit evaluation but I can guesstimate that I will have around 18-24 credits total. I will be utilizing my post 9-11 GI bill educational benefit for school, This benefit covers up to 36 months total. Would you recommend I pay out of pocket for a year or two of my undergrad in order to have PA school covered by my education benefit? Does being a veteran heighten the chances of being selected when it comes to applying to PA school? Although I am not actively involved in the medical field as a corpsman or field medic in the military, The physician on my base has said with the approval of my leadership, he will allow me to work on patients with him and will write a letter stating the different activities and procedures I performed while working under him. Now would this technically be considered Paid Direct patient care? And could I use this for hours in my application process? The school I am attending has a policy where if you have obtained your undergrad at the institution, you are guaranteed an interview for their PA program (As long as you meet the minimum requirements). Should I keep my eyes set on getting into this program once I'm finished with my undergrad or should I still take the initiative to apply to other schools as well? Thank you all for your time!
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