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  1. Can't believe I just got my secondary invite! Congrats to everyone and those who didn't get it, keep going you will get it (this is my second cycle applying) --Vivek L.
  2. Does anyone know how many people they usually take off of the waitlist? Or if we have a greater chance of being off the waitlist if we interviewed on Aug 10th?
  3. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted off of the reconsideration list?
  4. To those who interviewed and were declined, do they send out a form stating where we can improve in our application if we reapply?
  5. I wonder if you haven't received an email, does that mean that we weren't accepted or waitlisted?
  6. They were telling us at the 1/19 interview that this was the last interview date. We had about 22 people interviewing at the time.
  7. I hear ya. Wonder what’s taking them so long. Some people told me they heard back by Tuesday-Wednesday.
  8. I haven’t heard anything either. I interviewed 1/19
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