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  1. m1993


    I gave up my interview spot, I am attending another program. hope that gives someone else a chance! good luck
  2. m1993

    January 2019 Start

    I received my acceptance!!
  3. I applied late in the cycle, does anyone know if they are still giving out invites?
  4. m1993


  5. m1993


    everyone who interviewed on the 16th, in the email it says that day we find out if we’re accepted or waitlisted, do they tell you in email or in person?? Kind of nervous for that part
  6. m1993


    Congrats!! I’ll be there as well, super excited!
  7. Congrats! But they only gave a three day notice? Do you live close by
  8. I haven’t heard yet, I did apply only about a week ago so I’m not sure if I applied too late.
  9. m1993

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    Does anyone mind sharing tips about the interview process??
  10. m1993


    received an interview for the 11th as well!!
  11. m1993

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    received an interview for nashville 1/11!!
  12. congrats! when did you apply?
  13. Are they still sending out interview invites?
  14. m1993

    2018 - 19 Application Process

    congrats! i’m hoping to hear something, I wonder if anyone else heard from Friday interview

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