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  1. I have a question I have yet to find the answer to, and it seems like this discussion may hold an answer for me. I am not necessarily struggling with the work load, but I am repeatedly getting sick as a result from my anxiety regarding my program. There is a lot of internal struggle within my cohort, and everyone is trying to push up the curve. It feels like most of my class want each other to fail. There is no cohesive community, and I am thoroughly disappointed by it. I have been to the doctors nine times in the last 6 months, and I can't seem to stay better. It is a down right hostile environment, and I honestly want to know if there is anything I can do to fix it? I know the question is slightly tangential, but I would appreciate your help.
  2. I am currently attending Trine, and I wanted to advise the students who will be joining me later this year on a few things. I would suggest not moving in with another student unless you know them personally (it can be stressful), don't move into Canterbury (there have been three fires there within the last 4 months), and get here a month early to settle in if you can. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
  3. It is unlikely that they will be sending out any more interviews. If you need to talk, feel free to message me.
  4. Be confident and yourself. Smile and make eye contact. If you don't know the answer, then admit it. If you have any further questions, message me. I interviewed in Feb. and was accepted in March.
  5. Does anyone know when Trine will know about their accreditation status?
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