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  1. If I were in your shoes I would think about skipping the masters as it won't help your gpa. A 498 is probably a bigger impediment to medical school admission as most DO schools I've looked into want at the minimum a 502 with compleitive applicants being in the 506+ range. If you are URM that might be different but either way I would definitely retake the mcat if you are set on reapplying
  2. Hello everyone. I appreciate the amount of detailed and honest feedback I have received. This is a quite a pleasant forum to peruse. It sounds like my stats are ok and I should primarily focus on HCE. I have no hours at the moment as I just completed a one month EMT-B course and just recently received my certification. I will level with you and say that I am sitting for the MCAT on May 18. After reading some of the experiences of the posters on this forum it seems like some of the more experienced members(EMEDPA stands out) regretted never attempting medical school. I am not viewing PA
  3. Hello everyone. I have been lurking in the forum for the past month and it has given me a great little window into the PA profession. It's great to have a resource like SDN for pre-PA students. On to my question. I have a low GPA cGPA: 3.39 sGPA: 3.45 mostly because from my freshman to junior year I had serious motivation and mental health issues. I managed to get these resolved due a combination of counseling and maturity so I have a very strong upward trend. Got A's in hard science classes like Physics, Immunology, Virology etc... I am still very worried that my GPA is significantly und
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