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  1. Well, I have one more year of school and then I'll be taking a gap year. So I will be applying right when my gap year starts, around May/June. As far as I know, I can't record future hours for my gap year. So it seems like the most I can do by next May, when I'm applying, is about 1100 hours
  2. Hello everyone! I am a third-year student currently, and I'll be applying next year and taking a gap year. I would like some feedback on my stats so far and how to combat the weaknesses in my application. Anticipated cGPA: 3.56 Anticipated sGPA: 3.35 GRE: not yet taken, but anticipating over 310 based on practice tests. PCE at time of application: about 1000 hours as CNA in a skilled nursing facility with long-term care and rehabilitation; 80 hours during a medical internship in India Volunteering: ~40 hours at a free clinic, ~200 hours working with an NGO in India through a student organization; ~20 hours miscellaneous Shadowing: 24 hours Internal Medicine PA; 24 hours NP; 8 hours MD (will definitely have more shadowing hours with PAs in the next year) Recommendations: 1 science professor, 1 MD, 1 PA Here's my major weakness - science grades: BIOL 1/lab - A/A BIOL 2/lab - C+, retake A/A CHEM 1/lab - B/A CHEM 2/lab - B/A A&P 1/lab - C, retake A/C, retake A A&P 2/lab - D, retake A/D, retake A Genetics - C, retake A Organic 1/lab - A/A Organic 2/lab - B+/A Microbiology/lab - A/A Biochemistry - not taken yet, but anticipating B+ Physics 1/lab - not taken yet, but anticipating A/A Do you think schools will be able to look past my rough patch sophomore year in which I did poorly in two very important A&P classes and genetics? I am in the process of retaking these 3 classes and am doing very well. I can definitely master the material, but my mental health in that period of time was holding me back. I went to counseling in the beginning of junior year and my grades picked up significantly, so I'm hoping the upward trend is respected. How do I address this in my application, and do you think I have a chance despite doing very poorly in A&P the first time I took it? Any recommendations for improvement? Also, would you all recommend that I use a recommendation from a nurse I work with over the MD? I know the MD will write me a strong recommendation, but I'm not sure if a PCE supervisor would be stronger. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a PA to shadow in the Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC area! I have already shadowed a PA in internal medicine and have shadowed an MD and NP in pediatrics. I'm specifically looking for opportunities to shadow in dermatology, gynecology, and internal medicine, but I am open to any specialty. Please let me know if you are available or if you know of a PA who is!
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