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  1. Hey random question. Do you personally think they debt of 100k is worth going into the profession especially if you have to pay it back for the next 10 years?
  2. This is unfortunate especially since the profession was founded in North Carolina.
  3. Yes absolutely! Please extend the favor to me as well! These notifications come straight to my email!.
  4. Hey! I actually reached out to them and got that list, however a lot of the PA's either didn't respond or couldn't take students. ):
  5. Hi Lizrentscnler3! I would love to shadow at Novant health, however, I'm longer in school so I wouldn't have that liaison between the school and hospital. It has certainly been an uphill battle trying to find someone I can shadow! ):
  6. Hello! Are there any RD's out there that decided to become physician assistants. If so, can you please tell me about your transition and how you gained shadowing hours and HCE hours? thank you!
  7. Hello! Im a pre-PA student in North Carolina. Does anyone know of any PA shadowing opportunities in the Charlotte area? Thank you!
  8. Wowzers! What was that like ? Why did you decide to go to PA school. And what was your first career ??
  9. Okay so I plan on going to pa shcool when I turn 27. After college I worked for a health department and now I’m going to work as a clinical dietitian for a year or so and take classes. So ideally I would apply in 2019 and then start in 2020. At that point I’ll be 27. Is that too old to start to start ??
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