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  1. This is amazing! could I reach out with questions?
  2. Hi did you have any luck with rotations in this area?? I'm looking to do some in the DFW area as well! Thank you for any advice you have to offer!
  3. I also received an acceptance letter! Still surreal but I cannot wait for May to start! I wish the best to all still waiting to hear back and in future interviews! Stay positive and keep working hard! To those who have been accepted, is there a facebook page for upcoming students yet?
  4. I got a call on Friday and did not receive the email until Monday evening. I would wait a few days and then call if you don’t receive one!
  5. So exciting!! Sorry I didn’t respond, I submitted in early May! Is yours for September 14th as well?!
  6. I just got a call yesterday evening that I have an interview September 14th!
  7. Do you remember how many candidates interview each session?
  8. I do as well! I'm so excited! Can't wait to meet you!
  9. Does anyone have an idea of how many students have been accepted yet?
  10. Does anyone have an idea of how many students have been accepted yet?
  11. Does anyone have an idea of how many people they have accepted yet?
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