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  1. Hey, all. I was just reading through the comments to give myself any piece of mind I could, but was hoping someone could help. I received a letter that I am on the alternate list for the upcoming 2018-2019 cycle. Does anyone know how many people (generally) are placed on the list? Also, any stats on how many people in the current class came from the alternate list? Thanks in advance!
  2. I interviewed October 9 and I haven’t heard anything!
  3. Also was wondering this. I haven't heard back yet. However, they aren't supposed to meet to make decisions until the middle of this month. Stay hopeful!
  4. Hey, did they say when/how those accepted early would be notified? I know he told my group they were likely going to take 2/3 or 3/4 of the acceptances from the first interview date, as those were the highest scores from the acceptance materials (if that makes sense). I was just unsure if I should be watching for an email, phone call, letter, etc? Thanks and good luck to you!
  5. Hey guys, Just curious if anyone can provide me with some information either from experience or previous cycle forums. I am applying to Eastern in hopes they go through the process quickly. I know the cycle for Eastern ends in September, but does anyone know when the interviews started, or when the offers were sent out for the next year? Thanks for any information.
  6. Hey everyone, My name is Tyler. I’m interviewing tomorrow at 8 AM. Good luck to everyone else. Any advice or info on the interview process from current students or those who have been accepted?
  7. Yes, I’m trying to stay positive. I did see someone mentioned there are 30 students on the Facebook page, so that’s a little discouraging. However, it is very difficult to gauge, as some accepted students may withdraw and choose a different school in the meantime. It’s bad for the nerves, that’s for sure. A courtesy email would be appreciated to those who have not received one yet, though :)
  8. I also interviewed March 1 and haven’t received anything. I emailed Ms. Humphreys today and she stated the acceptance committee is working to have all offers out and to discuss acceptance with those on hold by mid-April. So it may be a little bit. Was thinking we would receive an email stating we weren’t accepted or something, though. Any thoughts?
  9. Good luck on your interview in a few days. Let us know how it goes. I’m sure you’ll do great.
  10. Hey, I’m from Michigan, too (the Saginaw/Frankenmuth area.) When is your interview date?
  11. Does anyone know, if the interviews go until March 1, could all the spots be full by then? I just don’t understand why they would have more people come if they were all full and knew they would all be waitlisted. Just not sure how the interview process works with PA school.
  12. Thanks for all the tips, dude. Is a suit too formal? Like I said, this is my first interview so I’m probably overthinking everything.
  13. Thank you! I’m nervous as this is my first interview. Should I be prepared for questions other than about my resume?
  14. Nice to meet you, Nate. Any tips for those who haven’t interviewed yet?
  15. I submitted in late December and am going for the interview March 1.
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