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  1. I have similar plans with yours. I'm going to keep working per diem and use my off-days to read and to travel. Might even go on a mission trip if I can save enough. @starr101 I' will be at the Meridian campus! Curious to see where everyone else will be at too
  2. Congrats @LKP94 & @BreathlessCyan!! I also got accepted a couple weeks ago when they lowered the score to 10.20. What are your plans before school starts? (besides submitting paperwork lol)
  3. The faculty there is super friendly. Interview questions were pretty standard and straight-forward. I felt like they most wanted to see our true colors and if we can handle stress well. My 2-on-2 session was quite conversational. My partner and I reflected on each other’s answers and that helped. Good luck on your interview!
  4. I applied last year and they did not send out rejection letters until February.
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