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  1. Hi! Do you have any students in your class that were put on the waitlist? I was and I know that time is running out. Curious if anyone in your class got accepted last minute...maybe I can comfort myself with a little false hope. ?
  2. Has anyone who was put on the waitlist heard anything? :(
  3. Congrats! Thanks for the info, that helps! Hoping today is my day. ?
  4. Does anyone know if they send calls to everyone or just top canidates, accepted canidates, etc? Trying to wait patiently.
  5. Wasn't aware of this information. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Good luck to you all this week! Can't wait to hear as the calls/letters come in.
  7. Also curious if anyone has heard anything yet. I was told I would hear by the 18th but saw on the previous threads that some heard earlier.
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