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  1. Unfortunately, the "Fall 2021" option is still unavailable for me.
  2. Hello all! I am currently contemplating attending PA school in Florida with the end goal of practicing in Florida. I have family down here in the SWFL (Fort myers/Naples) area and would like to start my career around there. However, I have heard ALOT of talk of saturation and terrible salary offers for new grads. I know money isn't everything and that new grad salaries are always lower, however, I would rather not start my career off on the wrong foot. If any of you have graduated recently and could speak on your job search, salary, and overall school experience in Florida, that would be extremely helpful. Feel free to PM if you would like to stay private! Thank you and stay safe!
  3. What was your experience like (if you do not mind me asking). Your stats do not sound that bad, I'm suprised you had to complete a whole other masters first.
  4. Yeah, A confirmation call and email about a day after I submitted the supplemental. (About 10 days ago).
  5. Hello! I know that it is early to be starting this thread, but I also know many applicants will have questions before the application opens (including myself). Does anyone know if the program has any planned changes/updates to the admission process and requirements?
  6. Your best bet is to do your best and try to match whatever your current gpa is. If you had a 3.5, then make sure you end the semester off with at least a 3.5.
  7. There is a decent amount of physicians that I work with who complain about the lack of NP training. Along with the fact that there is a solid amount of NP programs that do not require any prior nursing experience (which defeats the whole purpose of the NP path). There are 25 year old NP's walking around with high autonomy, and zero previous nursing training. Not to say that you are wrong, high quality previous PCE is mandatory if you want to be a great PA.
  8. I can't begin to explain how true this is^^^. As a first generation college student, I had no idea what I was doing. There was no one else to tell me to apply to FASFA early, wake up at 5am on registration day, or use all the free tutoring/student help I could. Academically speaking, I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the mentors that I was lucky enough to have. Getting more quality professionals to mentor is the key (easier said than done).
  9. I can only imagine how much growth the pa profession would experience if the AAPA steps it up. Reaching out to unrepresented backgrounds and advocating is key. I also find it shocking how many people (of all backgrounds) don't know what a "pa" is.
  10. Now this is a solid argument. That is a scenario that terrifies me. It is natural for the two affluent people to relate. And that is the world we live in. As I said before, those born into affluent families will usually have a bit of a leg up. I hope that most adcomms are taking the right steps to take into consideration everything a applicant is/can be.
  11. Based off of some of the responses of my last post, I obviously sent the wrong message. At no point did I say being a minority makes you unqualified. That sort of message comes out of the mouth of a racist, and trust me, I hope to never push a narrative that the color of your skin effects who you can be. My point is that being a minority should not make you more qualified than the next person. Therefore, we should not take race into consideration at all. I can imagine it. I was literally the only black student that graduated from my high school. My undergrad is made up of about 70% Caucasians. It is not fun at all. I can not remember a single day at my high school where I did not hear some dumb racially charged joke from a student or professor. I watched as the other African American students in my class get kicked out for doing something that wouldn't have affected a Caucasian student. I woke up every day being reminded that I was different, getting called derogatory terms in front of professors (and they would never say a thing). I have been told by elders that I looked up to that if I got accepted into PA school, It would be only because I am black. That moment really killed me. I have put in so much work. I graduated high school at the top of my class, and have been doing amazing in undergrad so far. I obtained a pce gaining job and have been working hard. If I get accepted into pa school with better stats and a better interview experience, I do not want to hear a word about how "Its only cause im black". And that is why I said this: Lastly, this statement shows you may have gotten the wrong connotation about ADCOMs. The reason why they set the minimum so low is specifically because they take a holistic approach. If someone had a 3.0 GPA, but had 5k hours as a combat medic, they still want the chance to interview him/her. However, Why would you assume that they will accept the minimum stats when they have others with more impressive stats?
  12. I had to log on just to say this. Is systematic oppresion real? Yes. Is there specifically oppresion based off of race? No Are PA admissions racist? Probably Not I have seen first hand the difference between someone born into a "middle class" family vs a "paycheck to paycheck" family. One person has a family that is supporting them and paying for school expenses, while the other has to work part time during undergrad to eat. Who do you think has the better chance at getting great grades? That is where most of the problem is. I understand the concern of not getting in because of race (the average PA student is a white 25 yo female), however, I find excitement in the way pa schools select students. They focus on accomplishments, not who you know, or what you look like. Having schools choose show priority to minorities is dangerous to the profession. The profession is still young in terms of legislation and representation, we can not afford to produce underqualified applicants based off of irrelevent factors.
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