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  1. Hello all! I was accepted off of the waitlist a few days ago. However, I will be declining this offer, as I was accepted to a few other programs. Hopefully this helps someone out.
  2. I have not heard anything yet! I was one of the first interview groups
  3. The interview was super relaxed. You will spend most of your time learning about the program, talking to professors, talking to students, and talking to other applicants. The "interviews" were group and independent, and lasted around 10 minutes each. It isn't clear which students applied to miami vs st. pete. I was super impressed overall. Really diverse group and they are super nice! Good luck!
  4. It was nice meeting you all today! Super interesting and nice group of people!
  5. I haven't heard anything aside from the "2021 Application Status" email
  6. Exactly. I saw one of the dates taken right before I could sign up for it! Not too worried though, I'm sure they understand.
  7. It was an email with a link. The seats are filling up FAST. I had to get a later date
  8. Unfortunately, the "Fall 2021" option is still unavailable for me.
  9. Hello all! I am currently contemplating attending PA school in Florida with the end goal of practicing in Florida. I have family down here in the SWFL (Fort myers/Naples) area and would like to start my career around there. However, I have heard ALOT of talk of saturation and terrible salary offers for new grads. I know money isn't everything and that new grad salaries are always lower, however, I would rather not start my career off on the wrong foot. If any of you have graduated recently and could speak on your job search, salary, and overall school experience in Florida, that would b
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