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  1. I have 1.5 years of experience in CV surgery. Recently received the following offer for ortho surgery working with one surgeon who does total joints (knees/hips). Don’t have all the details yet but this is what I have so far. Salary: 95k Paid vacation: 3 weeks/yr + 7 paid holidays/yr + 10 sick days  401k at 3% of salary after 1 year Full benefits (health, dental, vision) Call: ~2 weeknights/mo, 5 weekends/yr with some sort of compensation (will have to inquire further) 2 days/wk in OR, 2 days/wk clinic (not sure # of patients but will see alongside surgeon) They said typical hours are 6:30a-3:30p (but I’m sure will be over) Not sure about CME, etc. Please let me know what you guys think of this. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses. To give a little bit more insight, one of the surgeons I work with is more than difficult to tolerate. It seems despite my attempts to do everything right in the OR, nothing is ever good enough and I get yelled at pretty much every case. I continued to work here in hopes of it improving yet not much has changed.
  3. So I’ve been working at my current job in CV surgery at a teaching hospital on the west coast for about a year. It’s definitely been tough jumping in and learning EVH / first-assisting but it’s definitely a lot easier than it was starting out the first few months. Hours are reasonable (40-50 hrs/week), no call/no weekends due to resident coverage. However, this being my first job out of school, I’m looking to transition to another area of medicine given the lower than average pay (~90k). Of course I want to leave on good terms but also feel bad for them investing the time in training me (although I wouldn’t say it’s been the best training). I just feel my skills as a PA would be better utilized elsewhere (still deciding on which specialty). My question is how do I properly go about notifying my employer without feeling guilty about leaving? Also, I feel like I didn’t ask enough questions / the right questions when interviewing for the job so I definitely want to be prepared for next time. Thank you for any input.
  4. So it really will be the 2 week mark. Wow! What an intense wait!
  5. Really hoping for tomorrow instead of next week. Past week has felt like an eternity. Website says hours are Mon-Fri but not sure if that includes score reports. We shall see.
  6. I took the PANCE on 1/3/18. No results yet. It looks like it’ll be next Thursday before I find out, unless they by some chance report scores Tues/Wed. Previous years seemed to get their results within one week...
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