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  1. Could you explain some of your thought process and concerns while making your decision?
  2. Also got an email a few days ago inviting me to the 3/23 interview session. Best of luck everyone else attending!
  3. Thank you all for your help. I’ve contacted the recruiter and talked to her about continuing the application even though there are mountains of documents to get through. Does anyone know exactly what their looking for in the motivational statement for the APSR? Like more of a focus on why I want to be a navy PA or why I want to be a PA in general? Should I use my personal statement from the Caspa application as a guideline or start over? Thank you for your help again as I rush to get all my ducks in a row!
  4. I was also debating getting the application for the HSCP started but I had a few questions.. If I've had a flexor tendon hand surgery would that automatically disqualify me? They immediately requested that I go to the surgeon to get pre/post operative surgery report as well as a letter from the surgeon stating I would be 100% prepared for military duty. I know it may be extremely late in the application cycle and I understand that it may take weeks to get this paper work, but is it worth me trying to get everything done? When exactly is the application deadline? I have also just recently been accepted to PA school by the way.
  5. Interviewed- 01/12/18 Accepted- 01/17/18 Excited to join my future classmates!! For any of you still interviewing... there is hope! Keep your heads up!
  6. Does anyone know how long the wait list is, or is anyone currently waitlisted in the group?
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