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  1. Hello all! Just withdrew my acceptance as I chose to attend another school, I hope this helps one of you and good luck to you all!
  2. Interviewed 9/19 and just received and acceptance call from Sarah! Goodluck everybody!
  3. Interviewed July 12th as well and received an acceptance call today around 3:30 pm! So excited to meet everyone in January, congrats to the others that were accepted today!
  4. Received the second level evaluation on 7/25 and just received a rejection today. Good luck to everyone still in the running!
  5. Not yet, they mentioned we would be hearing back the beginning of August though.
  6. I don't mind at all, they sent me an email saying they received my application on June 5th. I got the call for an interview June 18th. Best of luck to you!
  7. Just got an Interview yesterday for either July 11th or 12th! I just received a call, no email as of yet with the information. I also have yet to take the CASPer, so I don't think they need the scores before sending an interview invite. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Just submitted today, this was my undergraduate university and I would love to go back to USF. Good luck to everyone applying!
  9. Just submitted as well, Good luck to everybody applying this cycle!
  10. I had one of my professors write a letter for me, and he allowed me to read it. The letter is awesome, but his final sentence says something along the lines of "I highly recommend Mimsi for you Medical School". Would this be something I need him to change or remove, or would it be okay to let stand as is?
  11. First off, Congrats on graduating! It looks like to become a competitive applicant for MD/DO schools, you'd need to bring up that MCAT to at least a 505 (And that's pretty much for DO, it'd still be tough for MD). You could squeak by with the GPA, but it'll be tough. It all depends on your other stats - Research, URM, Volunteer, LOR, etc. If you're dedicated towards the Idea of MD/DO, I'd say pursue the masters, bring the GPA up and try to get some research experience in there as well. If you're dedicated towards pursuing PA though, I'd say you're fine with the GPA you have. It
  12. Would love to see the answers to this as a - hopefully - future PA student... I think you'd have better luck with a response posting this in the professional PA thread, not sure if there is a way to move it though.
  13. Well, while it seems tempting to apply with just my volunteer PCE, I think I'll stay on the safe side and work a bit before actually applying... Looking into a lot of programs though, it seems like they don't really differentiate between the two, they simply stick with the guideline of about 1000 PCE hours, and don't specify paid or unpaid. At least for Florida anyways, I haven't really looked into any other states.
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