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  1. Thank you. I have shadowed and worked for an MD. However, I have seen both PAs and NPs as providers and they both provided exceptional and similar care. Being in the BSN program I have seen the curriculum and though I have not finished my degree yet, I just feel wanting to learn more. I have seen the course curriculum for this PA program and these classes are what I want to further my education in. Why did you take the PA instead of the NP route?
  2. Do all my prerequisite classes have to be 5 years or under? I might as well go back to school and get a bachelors again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vionic or gowalks (sketchers) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I know it would be a challenging program, but it is just nice to here someone say it is doable. I am 37 years old, have two kids, ages 10 and 7, and would be commuting from home for an hour to school. I haven’t gotten in yet, but I had gone back to school to pursue bachelors in nursing to become a NP but it is long route and I am not enjoying nursing at all even though I have a good gpa and the school is close to home. I still have two years to go in nursing to get my BSN, since I am doing the traditional program. The accelerated BSN at my school is at nights and you really only save a semester time wise. I want to be home for my kids in the evening so I decided to go to school during the day. I know real life nursing experience would be different than the school experience, but I don’t like the curriculum at all. I have been a medical technologist for over 12 years at a hospital and have learned so much. I don’t feel that nursing school is very in-depth science wise. Do not know if should continue nursing school or keep hoping to get into PA school.
  5. Hi Kristina, I just applied to the program, I wanted to know what your typical class schedule is like during your didactic year. M-F? How late do classes run? I live about an hour away from campus, just hoping I can manage school with a family if I do get it. I am currently getting my second bachelors, in nursing, but I am really not enjoying it. I took this route to become a NP down the line. I have been a medical technologist for more than 12 years now and I have learned a lot on the job and I enjoy the work as well. However, in nursing school you don’t learn anything in depth as far as disease process and physiology, which is why I think PA school would be a better fit for me. But with a family, nursing school is definitely manageable and probably more affordable even if I make it all the way to NP.
  6. I recently applied and reached out to admissions, they told me that by March they would notify applicants regarding acceptance.
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