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  1. I’ve been a PA for two years now working in an icu. So far I haven’t been a part of a law suit but our patients are very sick and I feel I have been a part of some “sticky” situations. I have so much anxiety involving it all that I am looking for another job. At this point I kind of wish I never became a PA. With that being said does anyone feel this way? Please share your stories.
  2. Ive been working in an icu for 8 months and it was my first job out of school. Everyday I still feel stressed and am questioning whether everything I did was right, and whether I am doing ok as a PA. Is this normal to feel 8 months later? How long should it take to feel comfortable working as a PA?
  3. I am a new grad PA who recently accepted a job at a hospital that I will be starting 4 months from now. The base pay is okay, a little below average for the state (I will be moving). They will not help pay for my license, will not help with relocation expenses. I recently have found various new positions that I am interested in with higher pay, however I have already accepted this position. My contract says either party can withdraw at either time. With that being said, would it be okay to apply for these jobs and if I get one with better pay and benefits quit the position I currently hold? I don't want to ruin my reputation as a PA especially this early in my career, so just wondering peoples thoughts.
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