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  1. I figured with the amount of time they had until this ARC-PA meeting, they definitely have the list of students they’re accepting! Like most people, I’m patiently waiting till September 28th Anyone else consistently checking their email like a madman?
  2. Oh wow! I didn’t think of checking their website. Good thinking! it’s nice to know that there is a date now. Like you said, hopefully we find out and hear good news soon!
  3. I have no idea tbvh. On their webpage, all it says is September 2020 - no actual date given. I do hope though that when this meeting happens they would let us know as soon as they can. Until then, the wait game continues :))
  4. I didn’t interview yesterday, but I would assume it’s ok? They didn’t specify anything in regards to that when I read the detailed email they sent on the 20th. They said any application is fine. But if you want to stay on the safe side, I would move the printer. That’s what I would of done if I was in your position. Good luck with your interview today! You’ll do great!
  5. Yes! Good luck to everyone interviewing today! You got this!!
  6. I agree with Samantha! I’m quite the nervous person too but they made me feel very welcomed and truly just want to get to know you! It’s actually very refreshing lol. Like everyone else has been saying, take a deep breath, relax, and be yourself. The fact that you got an interview means they know you’re very capable of being a successful PA, they just want to get to know the person behind the application. Best of luck to you and everyone else interviewing tomorrow! You got this!!
  7. I also put the interview number in the comment section I was confused too but thought that would be the best way.
  8. I received the email too! I do think COVID had a role to play regarding the tuition but I also think that the cost is tuition was going to rise either way.
  9. Hello! I don’t know which college/university you attend but I went to Wayne State and they offer a 3000 level Human Physiology course for undergrads. Also, I know OCC and Madonna University offers Pathophysiology for undergrad students as well. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  10. I received that email Jan. 22 (1/22/18). I don’t know if everyone received it the same time but that’s when I received it. It could be different for anyone who applied later than that? Then again it depends on when you guys submitted your CASPA application. For me, I submitted it in December. This is the email I got. Where they mention about interview dates is in the 3rd image I posted. Hope this helps! :)
  11. Hi guys. I thought to share this in case any of you guys are interested. I signed up and joined a webinar that will be hosted by the EVMS MPA Program. In short, they’ll be discussing about the PA profession and the program itself and if you have any questions, they’ll be willing to answer during the webinar. It’s also a perfect time to get to know the faculty in my opinion as well. I know that some of you guys are living out-of-state (like me ?) or have a hard time coming into the informational meetings they hold on campus so the fact that they’re holding a webnair is awesome and I thought it would be a good idea to share! The upcoming one is Monday, April 16th at 12:00 PM EST. I’ll provide the link below if you guys want to join in! They also have other dates included if you’re unable to attend this one. https://www.evms.edu/education/masters_programs/physician_assistant_program/admissions_information/information_sessions/ I also attached the email I received from them regarding the webnair. Hope this helps you guys!!
  12. Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone :) Wishing all of you guys the best for this application cycle!
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